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Actuarial Summer Academy

DePaul’s Actuarial Summer Academy is designed to get high school students engaged in the exciting field of actuarial science through experiential learning, case challenges, and visits by industry professionals. Students will experience the summer camp in teams of six, each sponsored by a different company.


The four day curriculum includes:
  • ​Workshops in Excel modeling
  • Experiential learning seminars in the principles of probability, statistics, risk management, and financial theory
  • Industry professionals as guest speakers
  • A case challenge where students apply all that they have learned

Campus Experience

During the four days of the program, students will live on campus in Lincoln Park. Each team will be accompanied by an upperclass actuarial sciences student.
  • ​Fully Catered
  • Live on Campus
  • Chaperoned by a DePaul University upperclass actuarial student
  • No cost to the student. 
All student costs are underwritten by our corporate partners.

Students will stay on campus in the Clifton and Fullerton dormitories, and receive an “all you can eat” guest pass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the University Cafeteria. There will also be opportunities for students to experience campus life, such as a movie night in the quad, or team sports in the University fitness center.


The Actuarial Summer Academy is a new program for students entering their junior year of high school as they begin making decisions regarding their future plans at college. The Arditti Center has formed partnerships with local area high schools whose administration will nominate 2 primary students and 1 alternate student to attend.

Selected students will be invited to participate in a four-day “boot camp” that will introduce them not only to life as a DePaul University student, but also to the path of an Actuarial Science major. There will be opportunities to learn about the university as well as activities, seminars, speakers, and short field trips related to the world of Actuarial Science.


The Actuarial Summer Academy is not possible without the generous donations of our sponsors. You can find the sponsors for each year below. Thank You!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us

2016 Summer Academy Sponsors

  • The Actuarial Foundation
  • Allstate
  • Aon
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
  • CNA