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Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is sponsored by TCF Inventory Finance.
The Innovation Lab supports several activities and programs for DePaul students working on innovation-related projects, and for students working on projects in collaboration with business and non-profit organizations.

  • Design Thinking Group (DTG): This group launched in Spring 2016 enables students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds to apply design thinking methodology and principles to the needs of businesses. DTG students can participate in ideation sessions and short- or long-term projects with a wide variety of businesses. Students will also be invited to tour innovative Chicago companies and attend other center programs such as 3D printing workshops, panel discussions and networking events. To learn more about the Design Thinking Group and how you can get involved, contact us at
  • Application of Innovation Education: Students in innovation and entrepreneurship courses are trained in creativity and innovation methods that enable a "deep dive" to generate useful ideas. Interactive project sessions between students and business managers will give the students the chance to solve real challenges and explore new opportunities for businesses.
  • Strengthen and Promote Innovative Solutions: The Lab provides trained students who can participate in elements of the discovery, development and implementation of new solutions and opportunities. This includes ideation sessions with innovation classes and term-long projects with small teams of students.
  • 3D Printing Services: The Lab has a Markerbot Replicator 2 Printer available to the DePaul community. Lab assistants work with users to design and print objects. For 3D printing inquires please contact Program Coordinator, Emily Doyle at and complete this form.​​