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Sample Schedule

​Below is a suggested curriculum which provides a course structure designed to prepare those interested in applying to the Management Honors Program in the spring quarter of their sophomore year.   

Autumn​ ​Winter ​Spring
​1st Year MAT 135​ ​MAT 136 ​MAT 137
WRD 103​ ​WRD 104 ECO 105​
Discover/Explore Chicago​ ​Focal Point Seminar Learning Domain​
​Learning Domain Learning Domain​ Learning Domain​
2nd Year​ ACC 101​ ​ACC 102 ​MKT 301
​ECO 106 BLW 201 ​MIS 140
LSP 200​ Learning Domain​ Communication​
Learning Domain​ Learning Domain​ Learning Domain​
3rd Year​ MGT 300 ​MGT 360-H (Dec Session) MGT 322-H
MKT 310 MGT 301-H MGT 302-H
FIN 310 MGT 307-H Money and Banking
Learning Domain​ Exp. Learning​ Learning Domain
WRD 202 (2 hrs)
4th Year​ MGT 250-H (2 hrs) Concentration #2 Concentration #3
Concentration #1 Glob. Bus. Perspective Open Elective
Learning Domain Open Elective ICS 392
Open Elective Open Elective ICS 394/5

Contact Information

Grace Lemmon, Ph. D
Department of Management
DePaul University

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