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News & Events

Tom Edwalds Speaking

The Arditti Center hosts a number of conferences each year, including two major events:

  • A summer risk management conference with a rotating topic (climate risk, geopolitical risk, etc.)
  • A fall cyber risk conference with rotating topics in cyber security issues.

We also host numerous trade-affiliated conferences with our partners, including:

  • A summer risk management conference with the National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA)
  • Quarterly seminars and meetings with Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
  • A summer agricultural risk conference with R.J. O'Brien & Associates.
  • Seminars and meetings with our actuarial partners in the Midwest Actuarial Forum, the Chicago Actuarial Association, the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society.
  • Meetings and events with the Chicago Chapter of Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations.

The DePaul Finance Forum

The Arditti Center, in partnership with the Center for Financial Services, is launching the DePaul Finance Forum, a finance blog where we will post a working paper series, a published paper series for discussion and provide news analysis dealing with risk management. We also will host pre- and post-event discussions, as well as provide information on upcoming Arditti events.

Upcoming Events

We welcome our partnership with the National Introducing Brokers Association for our annual summer conference. This year, we'll be joined for a keynote dialogue with Leo Melamed, chairman emeritus of CME Group, followed by panel discussions on cryptocurrency and other relevant topics.

Natural disasters wreaked havoc on the insurance industry in 2017, the costs of which nearly doubled from the previous year. Financial losses from earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires caused losses totaling an estimated $306 billion. This topic cannot be dealt with properly without including the risks associated with climate change, and its impact on increasing the magnitude and frequency of these disasters. We will discuss how to assess, mitigate and manage the risks in both the urban and agricultural sectors of our economy. We’ll also explore the actuarial climate index, weather derivatives and other risk management tools related to this topic.

Check back here for registration information.

Tuesday, August 7 Agenda:
11:45 a.m.  Registration and Lunch Buffet

1 p.m.  Keynote Speaker: Jason Webster

2 p.m.  Break

2:15 p.m.  Panel 1: Identifying the Risk
Our first panel will explore the scientific methods of identifying and attributing the risks associated with climate, weather and natural catastrophes.
  • Mark Potosnak, DePaul University
  • Cassie Follet, DePaul University
  • Patrick Wiese, Society of Actuaries
  • Quantitative Forecaster
3:15 p.m.  Break

3:30 p.m.  Panel 2: Managing the Risk
Our second panel will explore the industry responses to climate risk, from accurate measuring of the effect and cost of natural disasters to proactive mitigating and transferring the risk through reinsurance, protecting physical infrastructure and agricultural yields, purchasing catastrophe bonds and weather derivatives. 
  • Steve Kolk, Kolkulations
  • Tony Danielak, R.J. O'Brien & Associates
  • Sean McCarty, Aon
  • Mike Marano, CME
4:30 p.m.  Reception

The Arditti Center will host two sessions of its third annual Actuarial Summer Academy for Chicago-area high school students this summer. City and suburban high schools send students to DePaul to participate in week-long summer programs designed to introduce actuarial science to those passionate and interested in mathematics. The Academy is free of charge to students thanks to our generous sponsors, which include Allstate, Aon, CNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Markel Corp. and Milliman.

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Past Events

Public Pension Crisis Case Competition

April 18, 2016
In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, CFS and Arditti hosted a case competition on the public pension crisis in Chicago, Illinois. Student teams studied the problem for several months, both on their own and in several seminars where they learned from industry experts including Allan Ettinger of Morgan Stanley, Bill Bergman of Truth in Accounting, Tim Herman of Milliman, and Mitch Serota of Mitchell I. Serota & Associates. The final five teams presented their solution to the crisis to a panel of industry judges and competed for a cash prize and seats in a formal dinner event on April 20.

Conducting Monetary Policy In The New Environment

April 19, 2016
In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, the Center for Financial Services and the Arditti Center hosted a panel on "Conducting Monetary Policy in the New Enviornment." The panel included a stellar line-up of financial and economic thinkers including William Curt Hunter, Michael Moskow, Diane Swonk, Carl Tannenbaum, and Charles Wheelan.

10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

April 20th, 2016
In celebration of their 10th anniversary, the Center for Financial Services and the Arditti Center hosted a dinner celebration, with special guest Norm Bobins as the honoree for lifetime achievement in banking. The formal dinner event, held in Cathedral Hall of the University Club, was sponsered and attended by numerous financial institutions and individuals. Phil Ponce of WTTW served as the emcee for the evening, with Professor Randy Kroszner as keynote speaker, and James Nicholson as the presenter of the award.

First Climate Risk Conference

July 9, 2016
The Arditti Center hosted its first Climate Risk Conference. We collaborated with the Environmental Studies department for panelists and speakers, as well as many of our industry partners to produce a substantial program that delved deep into the topic of climate risk and how institutions are managing the risk that climate change brings.

First Actuarial Summer Academy

July 2016
The Arditti Center for Risk Management hosted its first annual Actuarial Summer Academy. DePaul's Actuarial Summer Academy is designed to get high school students engaged in this exciting field through experiential learning, case challenges, and visits by industry professionals. Thirty students experienced the summer camp in teams of six, each sponsored by a different company. Students came from local area high schools that ranged from public to private, secular to Catholic, urban to a few suburban schools. It was free to the student and we had a great diversity in gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic background.

Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Panel — Challenges in the Current Environment

August 20, 2015
Panelists included: Cary Lyne (GARP Chicago Chapter Sterring Committee Memeber; President, CJL Risk Enterprises LLC), John J. Grace (Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, OCC), Sasha Rozenberg, PhD (Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer, CME Group), and Michelle McCarthy (Head of Risk Management Function, Nuveen Investments).

Risk Management in the Insurance Industry

June 2, 2015
Panelists included: Cary Lyne (GARP Chicago Chapter Sterring Committee Memeber; President, CJL Risk Enterprises LLC), Randy Nornes (Executive Vice President, Aon Risk Solutions), Barry Franklin (Chief Risk Officer and Senior Vice President, Zurich Insurance Group), and Steve Verney (Recently retired Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Allstate Insurance Company).

NIBA/Arditti Center Co-Sponsored Event

July 8, 2014

How CFTC Reg. 1.22 Changes your Customer Relationship

Mike Coglianese, Coglianese CPA
Jeff Henderson, Henderson-Lyman Law Firm
Dale Spoljaric, National Futures Association
Turnkey Trading Partners

Managed Futures: Perspectives on a Growing Asset Class

Mark Shore, Adjunct Professor, DePaul University
Adrian Fleisher, Ten Yard Capital
Jason Turnipseed, Managed Accounts Research, Inc

Arditti Center Seminar Series

February 25, 2014
"Addressing the Big Things: The value of effective failure study" with James Peterson.

March 25, 2014
The individual and societal financial risks associated with increases in average lifetimes, "Longevity Risk: Live Long! And Prosper?" presented by Tom Edwalds.

April 29, 2014
The presentation based on Mark Shore’s ever-popular paper “Decoding the Myths of Managed Futures”. This paper examines several very popular myths and misconceptions held by both retail and institutional investors regarding managed futures. These myths have persisted for several years and tend to be legacy myths. As investors are becoming more aware of the potential use of managed futures for asset allocation and portfolio diversification, knowing if the myths are true or false, is critical for an investor’s or advisor’s understanding and appreciation of managed futures, asset allocation and portfolio risk management.

February 12, 2014

Future of Risk Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Panelists: John Eber (Managing Director, Energy Investments; J.P. Morgan), James F.T. Monhart (Senior Vice President, Wealth Management; Northern Trust), Jamal Oulhadj (Chief Risk Officer, RJ O'Brien), Stephan Schoess (Chief Economist, OCC), and Vahap Uysal (Visiting Associate Professor, DePaul University).

February 27, May 15, August 21, November 20

Chicago Chapter of GARP for their Chapter meetings

February 7, 2014

PRIMIA Risk Management Challenge Regional Final

The regional PRMIA case competition provides undergraduate and graduate students from multiple disciplines the opportunity to solve realistic business problems with a risk management focus. Ultimately, the PRMC aims to develop and strengthen professional and social relationships across students, faculty, and risk professionals.

High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading: Understanding the Benefits and Risks

Exploring the benefits and risks of high frequency and algorithmic trading, including the relationship between these strategies and flash crashes, how algorithmic and high frequency shops should approach risk management, and where this kind of trading fits in an assessment of systemic risk.

Panelists: Irene Aldridge (Managing Partner and Quantitative Portfolio Manager, Able Alpha Trading, Ltd.), Dr. Eric Budish (Associate Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business), Carol Clark (Senior Policy Specialist, Financial Markets, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Moderator: Michelle McCarthy (Chapter Director and Board of Trustees Member, Global Association of Risk Professionals; Managing Director, Risk Management, Nuveen Investments)

Derivatives and the Dodd-Frank Act: Where Are We Now?

May 30, 2013
University of Pennsylvania Law Professor David Skeel discussed the evolution of derivative bankruptcy treatment and the systemic risk concerns that gave them (along with “repos”) special status in bankruptcy. He addressed proposed remedies in the Dodd-Frank Act and what we may expect in the future given the Act's evolution and implementation to date. Professor Skeel will be followed by a panel of experts: J. Paul Forrester, Partner at Mayer Brown; John Haworth, Markets Professional at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; and Thom Thompson, Business Development Consultant at derivatives exchange Eurex, in a panel discussion of the current implementation status of the Dodd-Frank Act’s proscribed treatment of derivatives.

Chicago GARP Meetings

April 25—Untitled Event

May 23—Governance standards and lessons for governance practices from recent scandals: “Good governance gone bad”

August 22—Topics in Commodity Risk; How are investments by traditional financial asset investors affecting the commodity markets

November 21—The role of high frequency and algorithmic trading in the markets, risk controls on these tools and the regulatory approach

The Arditti Center created two major academic conferences in 2012, detailing the Impact of Dodd Frank on the Buy Side of Derivative Markets, and the Changing Role of the CRO. As well, it hosted Chicago GARP's Stress Testing Roundtable.

Impact of Dodd-Frank on the Buy Side of Derivatives
The Changing Role of the CRO
Hosted the Chicago GARP Stress Testing Roundtable

DePaul University’s College of Business and the Arditti Center for Risk Management partnered with the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) in Shanghai to provide an innovative financial markets program to train their executives and mid-level managers about financial markets, including derivatives trading, risk management and regulation.

Summer Risk Conference: When Black Swans Aren't: Geopolitical Risk Management in the Age of "Extreme" Events

June 22, 2017

The past year has seen many seemingly unexpected events come to pass, from Brexit to the United States Presidential Election. The upheaval has continued into 2017: the rise of the National Front and Marine Le Pen in the French Election; the growing fractures in long-standing international alliances and treatise like NATO, NAFTA, the European Union, and the Paris Agreement; and the wave of autocracy, nationalism, and populist retrenchment in the face of globalization. However, are we witnessing a series of "black swan" events? Could we see any of this coming? What types of models and practices can be used to identify and absorb the myriad financial, strategic, political, and operational risks associated with the current global upheaval and the realities of the twin, competing forces of populism and globalization?

We began with a keynote dialogue between two recognized experts in the field: Professor Guntram Werther of Temple University and Professor Tom Mockaitis of DePaul University. Following the keynote discussion we hosted two panels of experts from the financial, insurance, political science and macro-global fields that explore the current geopolitical risk climate. We discussed the effects and ramifications of globalization, the global wave of retrenchment and nationalism, and the changing nature of borders and failed states. How can companies properly manage geopolitical risk--whether through mitigation, avoidance, or transference--present in the world today? 

Download a pdf of the program.