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Partnerships & Seminars

The third pillar of the Arditti Center is to maintain and coordinate mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners that allow students to apply skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems while earning academic credit and giving companies talented resources to deal with risk management issues.

The center will play a pivotal role in bridging gap between academia and industry practices by conducting workshops on current topics and offering training programs for the benefit of the risk management community. Through its internship and cooperative programs, the center will also act a clearinghouse to meet the needs of the industry and enhance the educational experience of the student body and its industry partners.


The Arditti Center welcomes mutually beneficial collaborations with partnering companies. The exact nature of these partnerships can vary depending on the company, but can include internships, co-sponsoring conferences, hosting board meetings, and providing a clearinghouse for the academic study and the professional practice of Risk Management.

Partnership with MarketsWiki

The Center is pleased to announce a partnership with MarketsWiki. DePaul University Finance graduate students are currently working on a project with MarketsWiki editors to build out and expand specific pages on the Wiki.

Arditti Center Seminar Series

The Center is launching a monthly "Arditti Seminar Series" that consists of guest speakers and presentations on a wide variety of topics in the risk management and actuarial science areas.

  • Each seminar will be about an hour and a half long, and revolve around one topic or industry.
  • The goal is to encourage dialogue and increase communication between CROs, academics, cyber and system-security professionals, and financial risk specialists.

For a full schedule, please email