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The Mission of the Arditti Center

The Arditti Center promotes excellence in the education, research and practice of risk management.

Arditti Venn Diagram


The Center will be a leader in the design and implementation of a state-of the-art curriculum in Risk Management.

The focal points of the Center's educational mandate are the undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science and the graduate degree in Enterprise Risk Management . The curricula of both programs are grounded in theory, applied in orientation, and focused on problem solving.

Consistent with Fred Arditti's philosophy, both programs aim to produce graduates who are highly competent, educated, and trained to "do things."


The Center will implement an applied research agenda in a manner that encourages innovations in the field of risk management.

The Center will be responsible for the conduct and coordination of research activities in risk management and actuarial science. Following Fred Arditti's practical vision, the research produced or sponsored by the Center will be judged by its degree of rigor, originality and potential for practical application. As part of its commitment to research, the Center will provide summer funding for research projects that are a blend of theoretical and empirical applications in the field of risk management, as well as look for opportunities to work with industry partners.


The Center will maintain and coordinate mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners that allow students to apply skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems while earning academic credit and giving companies talented resources to deal with risk management issues.

The Center will play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and industry practices by conducting workshops on current topics and offering training programs for the benefit of the risk management community. Through its internship and cooperative programs, the Center will also act a clearinghouse to meet the needs of the industry and enhance the educational experience of the student body and its industry partners.

Complementary Pursuits

These mandates are meant to complement and support each other through the Center's activities. The educational activities of the Center — and its degree programs — will help support its drive for excellence in research through its summer research grants, student papers and initiatives. Partnerships formed with industry leaders bolster recognition of our students while giving opportunities for practical work experience. Conferences held by the Center will help strengthen partnerships, provide a forum for dialogue, and bridge the gap between academia and the industry.​​