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The Arditti Center Summer Research Grant Program

The program's goal is to encourage practical and innovative research in the field of risk management. In order to promote the Center's research agenda and continue the Arditti legacy, the Center will provide summer funding for research projects and proposals that have a blend of theoretical and empirical applications.

Successful research applicants will produce a working paper sponsored by the Arditti Center and present their findings in a seminar hosted by the Arditti Center.

Eligibility and Qualifications

The Arditti Center Working Paper Series is open to all applicants in the academic and professional risk management fields.

  • Proposals will be evaluated by members of the Arditti Center Research Grant Committee, who will then advise the Center Director, the Chaired Professor of Risk Management and the Chair of the Finance Department on the final selection of candidates to receive the research grants. The Arditti Center Research Grant Committee is composed of Arditti Center Board members, members of the Finance faculty, and members from the risk management community.
  • To be eligible to apply, applicants should have evidence of an active research agenda and a history of proven risk management research. The committee will consider whether each past summer research grant has produced a peer-refereed journal article or reasonable progress toward such an article, as well as whether the applicant has published in top journals, presented at top-ranked conferences and is generally involved in high-quality research. The committee will use its discretion in judging the overall quality of the research agenda.
  • The Arditti Center Research Grant Committee will select a candidate whose proposal most aligns with the Arditti Center's mission of rigorous, practical, and innovative research. The proposal and the curriculum vitae will be the two main sources of information used to evaluate the significance of the research, the quality of the argument, the proposed method and analysis, and the likelihood that the proposal will have practical application or result in a peer-reviewed publication.

For more information, download the Arditti Research Grant 2015 Guidelines​.

Submissions should be emailed to or sent to:

The Arditti Center for Risk Management
DePaul Center, Suite 5500
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

Feel free to email any questions to:

Summer Research Grant Award Recipients

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a research proposal for the Arditti Center Summer Research Grant Program. The proposals we receive (from all over the world) are exemplary. Every year, the Arditti Research Committee must narrow the list down to a few finalists and with question the competition is tight. However, we would like to congratulate the following winners:

2014 Award Recipients:

  • ​Ilona Babenko and Yuri Tserlukevich for the proposal "Hedging Policy for Firms with Real Options"
  • Jose Maria Liberti and Jason Sturgess for the proposal "Uncovering Collateral Constraints"

2015 Award Recipients:

  • ​David De Angelis and Sebastien Michenaud for the proposal "Corporate Risk Management and Stock Market Risk"
  • Jason Sturgess for "Information Sharing and Rating Manipulation"

2016 Award Recipients:

  •  ​Tao Wu for the proposal "A Multi-Curve Libor Market Model with Interest Rate Modeled as a Random Field"​