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Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is sponsored by TCF Inventory Finance.

The Innovation Lab supports learning activities and course-related programs for DePaul students working on innovation-related projects and for businesses seeking innovative solutions and opportunities.

Design Thinking Group (DTG): Training and Collaboration workshops in Design Thinking enable students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds to apply design thinking methodology and principles to the needs of businesses across industries and sectors. DTG students can participate in quarterly Design Thinking training workshops. Facilitated by Center staff, these sessions teach strategies and tools for Design Thinking to help students lead and participate in ideation sessions and projects in the classroom, and in work and career.

Tours and events are offered  in conjunction with innovative Chicago companies. Center programs also include 3D printing workshops, panel discussions and networking events.

Innovation and Design Thinking in the Classroom: If your business is looking for creative minds to work on a business challenge (e.g. product design, marketing, strategic growth, etc.), please contact the Center to learn about our ideation sessions in the classroom.  Students in graduate and undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship courses are trained in creativity and innovation methods that enable a "deep dive" to generate useful ideas. Facilitated by Center staff and faculty, interactive sessions with students can help you solve challenges and explore new opportunities for your business.  

3D Printing Services: The Innovation Lab’s 3D Printer is available to the DePaul community. Students are invited to schedule an appointment with us to use the 3D printer in order to create, design and print your very own prototype. For 3D printing inquires please contact Program Coordinator, Emily Doyle at and complete this form.​​

​​​​To learn more about the Design Thinking Group, and opportunities for businesses to work with DePaul innovation classes, or to register for our next event, contact us at