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Seminars, Workshops & Consulting

The Center for Innovation offers a rich variety of custom classes, seminars and consulting services related to the field of creativity and innovation in organizations.

For more information and registration, please contact us at or by phone at (312) 362-6460.

Innovation Tools: Generating Ideas for Work, Business & Career

Would you like to be more effective in identifying and solving problems in your work and organization? Have you heard of a new idea or seen a new product and wondered, "How did they think of that?" or, "What a Great Idea!"

Learning how to approach challenges more creatively will help you become more adept at spotting new opportunities and planning for action. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a process that has been used by many of the most innovative organizations around the world. CPS was developed in response to the assumption that many people hold about creativity: that only a few unique individuals can develop and produce creative ideas.

  • CPS is a six-step process that helps individuals and groups generate novel and useful ideas and solutions, build on them and select the ones most appropriate for putting into action.
  • From assessing your business environment to how to really find breakthrough ideas for your business, you can discover where most people and groups get bogged down and learn how to create an action plan to tackle problems and embrace opportunities.
  • This class will present idea generation tools that you can use to identify new business opportunities and solve problems more effectively.

It will help you unlock your own creativity and avoid the problem-solving mistakes that can prevent people and entire businesses from reaching innovative ideas and solutions. You'll learn about divergence and convergence, two important behaviors for creative problem solving to be successful. By gaining awareness of the obstacles that prevent many groups from becoming creative, participants will learn fundamental tools for breakthrough thinking and strategies for evaluating and implementing ideas and solutions.

If you are interested in scheduling one of the workshops or seminars for your group, please contact us at (312) 362-8395 or email​

Leading Change

Do you see a need for change in your organization? Are you increasingly being expected to deal with or lead change efforts? Do you realize that current practices or performance in your area could be improved upon, but are not quite sure how? This workshop will provide you with the necessary change tools and innovative approaches for leading change efforts, in order to increase the effectiveness of your organization. Managing change is a critical component of every employee's job today, and project managers, team leaders, professional staff and top managers need to possess and practice change leadership to be effective in their workplaces. Whether demanding transformational or incremental change efforts, today's ever-changing organizational environments require innovative approaches to leading change from managers and employees at all levels of the organization.This session develops the ability of participants to approach change in innovative ways, regardless of the type of change needed.

Participants will learn:

  • The key activities necessary to manage change from start-to-finish
  • How to diagnose the need for change
  • How to evaluate change efforts

This session employs a variety of learning methods to achieve the learning goals. Participants will have the opportunity to develop effective change activities for their unique organizational situations and to strategize how to implement those activities.​​

Managing Innovation

Are you interested in driving innovation within your organization? Finding the right people and leading them to collaborate effectively are the keys to defining and implementing innovative solutions. This workshop teaches:

  • Techniques for systematically encouraging and sustaining innovation in your organization
  • How to collaborate effectively to unlock your team's power to make real and sustainable changes, and to develop more innovative solutions
  • Foundational skills for creating and supporting high-performing, successful teams dedicated to fulfilling the vision of the organization

To reach breakthrough ideas, teams must share a set of collaborative values, norms and behaviors. Learn to: 

  • Create and manage a creative environment in your own organization
  • Develop strategies for a profitable innovation portfolio by balancing risks and rewards, successes and failures, as well as overcoming key innovation challenges
  • Understand examples of innovation management approaches from large and small organizations

All participants will leave the session with a roadmap for creatively and successfully managing the innovation process within their own teams and organizations.​

Consulting and Advisory Services

Our staff provides one-on-one consulting and advisory services to businesses. Please contact us at (312) 362-8395 or at to learn more about these services, and the value our expert strategists can add to your company's innovation potential.​

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses

Students interested in studying innovation and entrepreneurship in business may take courses such as:

MGT 373 Creativity and Entrepreneurship
MGT 398 Product Design and Prototyping
MGT 535 Change Management and Consulting
MGT 572 Corporate Ventures and Management
MGT 573 Creativity and Innovation in Business
MGT 590 Management of Innovation and Technological Change
MGT 798 Lean Startup Lab

For more information on program requirements and curriculum planning, please talk with an Academic Advisor.​