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Business Acceler8Her Cohort

  • Melissa Ames
  • Melissa Ames
  • Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, EarlyVention
  • Elizabeth Wollek-Ames
  • Elizabeth Ames-Wollek (MBA '15)
  • Co-founder and CEO, EarlyVention


EarlyVention is a for-profit social enterprise that designs hands-on subscription activity boxes for those impacted by autism. Each themed box contains ready-made activities with visual, sensory and interactive components to help promote communication, boost independence and reinforce important skills, all while having fun.

By providing vocational opportunities to adults with special needs who help EarlyVention assemble the boxes, the founders have created an ecosystem of impact that stands out amongst other business models.

  • Margaret Bamgbose
  • Margaret Bamgbose
  • Co-founder, Kula
  • Parker English
  • Parker English
  • Co-founder, Kula


Customers don’t have an easy way of finding new restaurants when they are on the go — especially when they are in an unfamiliar area. Other applications provide restaurant choices, but few utilize technology to develop an in-depth understanding of what the user likes and dislikes are.

Kula takes the guesswork out of choosing a restaurant by creating an application that gets to know users the more they interact with it and makes recommendations unique to users’ personal preferences, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Elise Gelwicks
  • Elise Gelwicks
  • Founder, InternView


Elise Gelwicks founded InternView in 2018 to help companies design and enhance their internship programs. As she was in the process of writing a book for students on how to get an internship freshman year of college, she realized that there is an opportunity to help small to mid-sized companies create meaningful internship programs. Internship programs allow companies to increase diversity, build a talent pipeline, and get project work done — but only if they are designed effectively.

Gelwicks has focused on the internship industry for more than six years. In college, she started a business to help students find summer internships by leveraging their network. She helped more than 800 students achieve internship success and developed a passion for improving the existing internship industry. Her background also includes working in-house at Fortune 500 companies and management consulting, both of which give her the ability to understand clients' unique needs when designing an internship program.

  • Michelle Frame
  • Michelle Frame
  • Founder and Candy Scientist, VictusArs, Inc.

VictusArs, Inc.

VictusArs is a Boutique Food Development Lab focused on confectionery, sweet snacks, and sweet delivery systems for supplement and pharmaceutical actives. VictusArs achieves this through an understanding of theory, execution of research, and application of skills gained through years of dedication to the industry.

  • Arianna Lee
  • Arianna Lee (BA '19)
  • Founder, CySo


CySo connects companies with verified white-hat hackers. Hackers are deemed to be “white-hat” after a series of background checks and compliance measures.For additional protection, CySo enables “nanny servers” to monitor the hacker’s activity. Therefore, if a hacker identifies a potential exploit the company will be notified immediately. Companies are given the opportunity to rate their overall experience and satisfaction with the level of hack. CySo also provides other services such as security consulting, threat analysis, customizable solutions and security training services.

  • Jennifer Spraggins
  • Jennifer Spraggins (MBA '18)
  • Founder, Tease Lush

Tease Lush Accessories

Tease Lush Accessories strives to become the online destination for stylish, trendy jewelry and accessories for women. The company is committed to staying in touch with the most popular fashion trends from multiple sources in order to offer our customers in-demand selection to choose from. Tease Lush Accessories caters to the tastes of minority women who are often overlooked by other brands when choosing their product offerings. In order to do this, Tease Lush will stay in tune with small and large designers, influencers, artists and regional fashion trends. The company's suppliers engage in similar research and offer great guidance on the newest in-demand products.

  • Nika Vaughan
  • Nika Vaughan
  • Founder and Creative Director, Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists

Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists

Millennial and Gen Z women want new beauty options that are more customized, ecologically aware, and focused on value and convenience. Travel is a lifestyle priority more for these generations than any previous ones.

Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists trives to meet these needs by offering intimate retail and rental space for private events, curated travel beauty brands and customized personal tools.

  • Nora Wall
  • Nora Wall
  • Founder, PolyMath


PolyMath Education Services offers training, assessment materials, and information for educators, tutors, and parents supporting students with cognitive, emotional, or situational issues that impact learning. These include Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs) such as dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and processing disorders, as well as ADHD, high functioning Autism, and English Language Learners. PolyMath Education Services meets these varied conditions by focusing on the interventions and accommodations that help all students succeed.

  • Soumaya Yacoub
  • Soumaya Yacoub
  • Founder, PetitCalm


PetitCalm is the ultimate solution for parents who struggle to calm down their crying babies and put them to sleep either at home, in public places or while travelling. PetitCalm aims to make parents’ lives easier by providing an effective soothing product for their babies.

PetitCalm is an automatic portable pad with three-in-one blanket. The pad has the following functions:

  1. Vibration
  2. Music
  3. Bluetooth

The three-in-one blanket can be used as a swaddle, sleep sack or a regular blanket. Carrying such a small and light weighted soothing product is a bonus for the parents as they can take it everywhere and place it anywhere. PetitCalm is also easy to use, and works by either pressing the buttons on the pad or through the Smartphone app.