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Business Acceler8Her Program


Business Acceler8Her Program

Designed and delivered by successful women entrepreneurs, the institute's Acceler8Her program aims to prepare you to bring your business to market, or help you scale your existing business and enter new markets. The program will run from April 8 to June 7. Check back soon for an announcement of the first cohort.

How much is the program?

Participation costs will be covered for participants by the founding members of the Women in Entrepreneurship Institute. All accepted applicants will participate at no cost.

How many people will be in the Acceler8Her program?

The number of accepted companies will not exceed 12.

What happens if I do not get in?

The Women in Entrepreneurship Institute at DePaul will gladly direct you to resources for launching and scaling your business. The next cohort of the Acceler8Her program will run in fall 2019, and all previous applicants will be invited to apply again.

How much time will the program require?

This program will require three to five hours per week in person, most frequently at the DePaul Loop campus, with the expectation that participants will be able to dedicate full-time hours to their business.