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Faculty Research

Faculty associated with the Driehaus Center are engaged in rigorous research in behavioral finance and economics. Associated faculty members in behavioral finance include:

Conference Publications

Our center is at the forefront of behavioral finance research and has attracted some of the leading minds in the field to present their papers at our academic conferences. Quite a few of these papers have been subsequently published in top finance publications. You can find a list of these publications below:

Conference Publications

  • Sumit Agarwal and Bhashkhar Mazumder "Cognitive Abilities and Household Financial Decision Making" in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 2010
  • Jeffrey R. Brown, Zoran Ivckovic, Paul Smith, and Scott Weisbenner, "Neighbors Matter: The geography of stock market participation." in the Journal of Finance, June 2008
  • Henrik Cronqvist, Anil Makhija, and Scott Yonker "Behavioral Consistency in Corporate Finance: CEO Personal and Corporate Leverage" in the Journal of Financial Economics, 2012
  • Stephen Dimmock (Michigan State University), "Loss-Aversion and Household Portfolio Choice." in the Journal of Empirical Finance, June 2010
  • Dirk Hackbarth, "Determinants of corporate borrowing: A behavioral perspective." in Journal of Corporate Finance, 2009
  • Eitan Goldman and Steve Slezak (University of Cincinnati), "An equilibrium model of incentive contracts in the presence of information manipulation." in Journal of Financial Economics, 2006
  • Claire Hill, "Beyond mistakes: The next wave in behavioral law and economics" in the Queen's Law Journal, 2004
  • Kathryn Kadous, Susan Krische (University of Illinois) and Lisa Sedor, "Using counter-explanation to limit unintentional optimism in analysts' forecasts" in the Accounting Review, 2006
  • Bin Ke and Kathy Petroni, "How informed are institutional investors? Evidence from their trading behavior before a break in a string of consecutive earnings increases." in Journal of Accounting Research, 2004
  • Augustin Landier and David Thesmar, "Financial contracting with optimistic entrepreneurs: Theory and evidence." in Review of Financial Studies, 2009
  • Josef Lakonishok, Inmoo Lee, and Allen M. Poteshman, "Option market activity and behavioral finance." in Review of Financial Studies, 2007
  • Ulrike Malmendier (Stanford University) and Geoffrey Tate, "Superstar CEOs." in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2009
  • Paul Povel (University of Minnesota), Rajdeep Singh, and Andrew Winton, "Boom, busts, and fraud." in Review of Financial Studies, 2007
  • Robert Stambaugh, Jianfeng Yu, and Yu Yuan "The Short of It: Investor Sentiment and Anomalies" in the Journal of Financial Economics, May 2012
  • Xuan Tian and Tracy Wang "Tolerance for Failure and Corporate Innovation" in the Review of Financial Studies, 2011​