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Featured below is a curated selection of academic articles culled from our Benefit Corporation Research Database that may have practitioner-side application.

Benefit Corporation Legislation and the Emergence of a Social Hybrid Category
​Author: Rawhouser, H., Cummings
​Why state legislation is ripe for benefit corporation and the implications for social hybrids.​

Author: André, R​.
​Several key issues to consider regarding whether your company should become a benefit corporation.​​

​Author: Brakman Reiser, D.
​Benefit corporations in comparison to existing hybrid organizational forms.
​Authors: Ebrahim, A., Battilana, J., Mair, J.​
​Potential challenges for organizations pursuing a social mission including accountability for dual performance objectives and accountability to multiple principal stakeholders.​
​Author: McDonnell, B.H.​
​The implications of the unique fiduciary duty provisions of benefit corporation legislation.​
​Author: Chen, X., Kelly, T.F.
​An analysis of revenue growth and employee productivity between benefit corporations and standard corporate firms.​
​Author: Hasler, J.E.
​How benefit corporation legislation changes the role of shareholders and investors.​

​Author: Perera, L.C.R., Chaminda, J.W.D.​
​​The link between a firm's CSR efforts and how its products are received.​