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Career Advice & Resources

Making the most of your past for a more rewarding future

Deciding which career path is right for you requires close consideration of many factors: How can I best leverage my graduate business program? What concentration makes the most sense? How will my past career experience help or hurt my new career choice?

Graduate business students pursue their degrees because they want to make a career transition of some type. If you want to stay in your current industry, the transition is smaller and perhaps more clear — say a promotion or transfer to a different department within your company. If you are planning on making a total career switch with a graduate business degree, that is a bigger transition, which needs careful planning and scripting of your skill and experience "story" for your résumé and interviews.

The staff at the Kellstadt Career Management Center have the professional resources to guide you on your career journey, as you explore which path will better lead to your destination. We like to think of ourselves as "bridge builders," helping students make a strong and critical link from their past education and career history to a new future filled with exciting and rewarding opportunities. We're available by appointment to provide realistic guidance on your career transition — big or small. Call (312) 362-8272 or email

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