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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sales Leadership Program?

The Sales Leadership Program​ is a special set of courses creating a minor or a concentration for those students interested in pursuing careers in sales or category management. ​

Is this program only for business or marketing majors?

If you are a Marketing major or a Driehaus College of Business major, you may take these courses as electives and receive a Concentration in Sales Leadership (Marketing majors) or Minor in Sales Leadership​​ (all other Driehaus College of Business majors), which will appear on your transcript. ​

How do I enroll in the Sales Leadership Program?

Majors and Minors are intended and declared in Campus Connectio. Go to Student Links > Records and Registration > Change College/Major/Minor​.

Can the Center for Sales Leadership help get me a job or internship?

The Center for Sales Leadership partners with Fortune 500 companies to better shape our curriculum and to stay relevant in the forever changing job market. In turn, these companies want to hire you. The best way to start is to get an internship with one of our partners. For more information, please contact Deirdre LaVerdiere at to make an appointment. ​

What companies can you connect me with?

Please let us know if you are interested in working with our partners. Contact Deirdre LaVerdiere at Our current partners can be seen by visiting​​

What if I have other questions regarding the Sales Leadership Program?

If you have additional questions, please contact Deirdre LaVerdiere at or call (312) 362-6122 to obtain additional information. ​