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Strategic Plan

From the Director

Dear Friends,

The School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems at DePaul University is one of the largest and highest-ranked schools of its kind in the country. We earn our reputation by continually improving our teaching, research, service and connections to the business community. These efforts continue with our new strategic plan, which sets forth bold goals to guide us through 2018.

Faculty, staff, alumni and members of the business community all contributed to this plan, which highlights a strong commitment to teaching and research excellence that informs not only the academic community, but also the business world. I invite you to explore how DePaul is shaping the future of accountancy education through our 2018 strategic plan.

Dr. John T. Ahern, Jr.
Director, School of Accountancy & MIS

The Strategic Plan

Faculty and staff of the school experience a culture of outstanding achievement and performance, shared knowledge, instructional support and participatory involvement in academic decision-making.

We engage in and value a broad range of accounting and MIS research and scholarship that informs decision making, professional practice and pedagogy to engage our peer academics, the business community, students and our alumni.

Academic Programs
The School of Accountancy and MIS provides a rigorous accounting and MIS curriculum that integrates theory and practice by capitalizing on our unique location in Chicago's business center. Our faculty and staff provide exceptional support and direction for our diverse student body to prepare students to excel in their careers.

External Relations
Leveraging our diverse student population and Chicago location, while still recognizing our global reach, we have the ability to create, strengthen and expand mutually beneficial relationships with these stakeholders: employers, alumni, donors and prospective donors and career centers.

Shared Values

Entrepreneurial Attitude

  • Cutting-edge courses and programs
  • Faculty-driven partnerships with the profession

Well-Educated Students

  • A broad-based education
  • Critical thinking and research skills
  • Small class sizes
  • Approachable professors
  • Career preparedness
  • Active student organizations

Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • Professional accounting and business ethics
  • Mutual respect and dignity toward one another in a diverse culture


  • A collegial environment
  • Open communication and collaboration
  • Connecting to alumni and the business community

High-Quality Scholarship

  • Research that expands basic knowledge
  • Applied research that informs business practice
  • Quality research that improves teaching and learning