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After I finish my bachelor's degree, how much will the graduate program cost?

In order to determine the cost of the program please check this year's graduate tuition rate and multiply by 36 credits (9 courses) and factor in the 25 percent double demon scholarship. ​​

How does tuition work for the combined degree program? How will my tuition bill change?

The 3 graduate classes taken during the bachelor's degree are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate with the same financial aid award, if applicable to the student.

The 9 graduate classes taken after the bachelor's degree are billed at the graduate tuition rate. DePaul alumni receive a Double Demon Scholarship which provides 25 percent off tuition while pursuing a graduate business degree. The scholarship becomes effective once you are officially admitted to the graduate program. ​

After I am accepted, how do I enroll in the graduate classes?

Once the class schedule is posted, send an email to Brian Maj,​​, with the following information: class (e.g. ACC 545), section number (e.g. 201) and your student ID number.

Do I have to continue the MACC curriculum immediately after my bachelor's degree or can I take time off?

You can take a break between the bachelor's and master's degree if you wish. We recommend not taking longer than 1-2 quarters off in order to stay on pace with study habits and graduate classwork. Graduate classes have a course expirati​on of 6 years. Therefore, the first graduate class you take during senior year will expire if the rest of the MACC is not done in six years. ​

Will I continue to receive financial aid for the three graduate classes that I take while still an undergraduate?

Yes, financial aid will continue to be factored in to the three graduate classes that you take as an undergraduate, with the same eligibility as your normal classes. For continued financial aid once you are in the graduate program, you may apply separately or consult with a financial aid counselor.​ ​

I already completed ACC 308, 374 or 383 before I applied to the program. What are my options?

You must complete three graduate classes as a senior. If you have already completed either ACC 308, 374 and/or 383, then you should select from among the core MACC courses to complete the three courses.

If you do not complete three graduate classes as a senior, then you will be required to submit a complete application to the graduate school of business. The GMAT, in this case, can still be waived if you meet the following requirements: 3.2 overall GPA, 3.0 major GPA and B average in your business math courses. ​​

How come I received an error when I tried to apply for graduate financial aid?

When you apply for financial aid for the graduate program, your graduate level is not yet active until your file is processed by the graduate office. This typically occurs within 2 weeks after you submit the petition for graduate admission. Once you are active in the graduate program, then the FAFSA will automatically be processed by DePaul for consideration of financial aid. ​

Am I considered a graduate student while I am still completing my bachelor’s degree?

No, you are still considered an undergraduate student. Once you finish your bachelor's degree and are accepted to the graduate program, then you are considered a graduate student and you may list this on your resume. ​

I am in the Accountancy Honors program. When do I take the three graduate classes and how do I enroll?

Accountancy honors students will take regular graduate sections of the three graduate classes:

  • ACC 545 (in place of ACC 308H)
  • ACC 550 (in place of ACC 374H)
  • ACC 551 (in place of ACC 383H)

You may take these classes during any quarter after you have completed ACC 372H. We suggest staying on track with the same schedule as accountancy honors classes so that you are on pace to graduate on time.

You will resume the honors cohort with ACC 350H during the final quarter of your senior year.

The grade standard for the three graduate classes is the same as your other Strobel classes. You may not earn more than two grades lower than a B- in any of your accounting classes. ​

What happens if I don't want to continue into the graduate program?

The graduate classes taken as an undergraduate student will fulfill your major requirements, allowing you to complete the bachelor’s degree. You may choose to return to the MACC program if eligible in the future. ​

Will I be able to participate in graduation for my bachelor's degree?

Yes. The bachelor's and the master's programs are two degrees. When you finish your bachelor's degree, you may attend graduation. When you finish your master's degree, you may attend another graduation. ​

When I am finished with the three graduate classes, can I take additional classes?

No, you may only take up to three graduate classes during your bachelor's degree. Once you finish your bachelor's degree, then you may continue with the remainder of the MACC requirements.​ ​​

When does my graduate GPA begin? What are the graduate GPA requirements?

Your graduate GPA begins calculating once you start the graduate program (after ACC 545, 550 and 551). The three graduate classes taken during senior year count toward your undergraduate GPA.

An overall GPA of 2.0 is required to graduate with a degree from the graduate school. For details on academic requirements, visit the Graduate Student Handbook.​

Can I take online graduate classes?

During your senior year, you may only take on-campus sections of ACC 545, ACC 550, and ACC 551 due to the rigorous content of graduate level courses.