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Supplemental Instruction

Have you ever thought about teaching economics? Would you like to improve your own understanding of basic economic theory? Did you earn an A in ECO 105 or ECO 106? If so, working for DePaul's Supplemental Instruction (SI) program might be for you.

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • SI is a student-support program that targets historically difficult courses
  • Students in SI courses have the opportunity to attend weekly review sessions to improve their understanding of course material
  • These small group sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, trained student mentors who focus on course content and study skills

What is an SI Leader?

  • A student who has previously taken one of the courses SI supports
  • Someone who excels in and is excited about the subject he or she is involved with
  • A student who wants to help his or her peers succeed

What major responsibilities does an SI Leader undertake?

  • Attending the class lectures each week
  • Facilitating three one-hour review sessions each week outside of class
  • Planning for weekly sessions and communicating with students outside of class
  • Attending a training session and observation reviews
  • About nine hours of commitment per week for which SI leaders are paid a stipend

Please visit the Supplemental Instruction website for more information.​