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Hospitality Accounting and Management Information Systems

​The applied field of hospitality is worldwide in both scale and scope. While many business skills are routinely utilized in the field, the practice of accounting in U.S. hotels and restaurants is different than what is common for other industries. DePaul students are trained in the classic accounting principles that are in compliance with GAAP; however, hospitality firms follow a unique set of GAAP standards that have been customized for the hospitality industry. Students wishing to prepare for comptroller and related accounting leadership positions will need this specialized knowledge in order to be successful. Further, the role of management information systems developed for the hospitality industry is complex, integrative and specialized for these large-scale yet unique operations. The comptroller of a hotel or restaurant is often charged with the selection, implementation and oversight of such systems. Knowledge of system functionality, integration issues, and how financial data flows from one system to the next is required for the typical hospitality comptroller. A student majoring in Hospitality Leadership with this specialization must complete the following requirements totaling at least 12.0 hours:

Four required courses:

Graduation Requirements

All Hospitality Leadership (HSP) courses and any other courses used toward the Hospitality Leadership major must be completed with a minimum grade of C- (or PA where specified) and with a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher.

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