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Fernando Heil-Lutiis

Academic Degrees

DBA Candidate, DePaul University, Class of 2020
MBA, Harvard Business School, 2003
BS, Business Administration, FGV-EAESP


Fernando Heil Lutiis has been active as a management consultant with a leading consulting firm for 20 years, of which he has spent the last eight as a partner. He specializes in global agriculture clients and has been increasingly involved in corporate sustainability engagements, including climate change.

As a consulting partner, Heil Lutiis has also served in a number of administrative and firm leadership roles including the internal promotion committee, project staffing and human resource management. More recently he has led the company’s Agriculture Practice in North America.

Heil Lutiis is currently pursuing his DBA candidacy at DePaul and teaches Organizational Consulting Skills. A native Brazilian, he is fluent in Portuguese as well as English, German, Spanish and French. He has sat on boards of conservation entities and student advisory organizations and used to swim semi-professionally in high school. He lives with his wife and two children in Lincoln Park.​