Boost Skills with DePaul Business Certificates

Business Certificates

In today's competitive business environment, increasing your professional development by taking continuing education courses can set you apart in a crowded field. Whether your goal is to keep up with new technologies, stay on top of industry trends, develop managerial skills or pursue a new job opportunity, enhancing your professional skills can help you reach the next step of your career.

DePaul University's Management Development Center (MDC) is introducing three new graduate-level business certificate programs for executives, business leaders, functional managers and growth-minded employees who would like to make a career change or brush off and improve skills.

Business certificate programs have been gaining in popularity in recent years and for good reason. They offer graduate-level education in manageable, convenient and cost-effective programs designed with professionals in mind. While MBA degrees provide intensive general business education, business certificate programs offer education that targets a single skill or proficiency.

Gayle Landuyt, lecturer and MDC program director, has noticed the increasing trend of business certificate courses being offered at colleges and universities nationwide, and MDC has developed a wide range of certificate programs at DePaul to appeal to professionals looking to continue their business education.

"We offer programs year-round for anyone who is looking to update their resume, enhance their skill set or, for people who want to put their toe in the water, see if they would like to continue on to get their MBA degree," says Landuyt.

DePaul's business certificate programs generally consist of short, concentrated classes offered over the course of several weeks. They are taught by professors and accomplished industry professionals at DePaul's Loop Campus in the evening — perfect for people who work during the day.

"These programs are an effective way for students to enrich their skill set, promote career growth, and network with industry experts, fellow classmates and professors," says Landuyt. "What's attractive about some of the certificate programs is that they often serve as a primer for an industry exam or an MBA program."

DePaul offers variety of certificate programs year round, with the addition of the following three new business-related certificate programs in the first half of 2015:

The Leadership Development Series

There is a strong demand for leadership in every organization. No matter what your role is in your company, at some time you are going to have to become a leader — whether it is leading a project, managing employees, or just trying to get an answer to a pressing question. For people interested in brushing up on their skills or who are anticipating a leadership role in their future, the Leadership Development Series of workshops will focus on the fundamentals of effective leadership and how to overcome any potential challenges your organization may face.

The Business Analytics Certificate Program

This certificate program is perfect seminar for non-data people — that is, people who are interested in analytics and implementing analytical solutions into their organization, but who do not work in data-gathering roles. This five-week certificate program will introduce students to the field of data analytics, teach new tools and techniques to analyze data and present what is possible within the field of analytics. Project managers, supply chain professionals, tech teams and others who rely on business data will find this certificate program useful.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

Logistics has been added to DePaul's traditional supply chain management certificate program this year. Students will gain a better understanding of the supply side of business that goes beyond internal operations, including the interconnection of suppliers, companies and consumers. This 17-week course relies heavily on real-life examples that can be applied to any work situation. It will include the latest developments in global procurement and logistics, how to apply Six Sigma process improvement tools to organizations, and how to use Enterprise Resource Planning systems and other technologies to improve the supply chain process.

More certificate programs will be added throughout the year, so be sure to check out DePaul's Continuing and Professional Education website for the latest information. Keep an eye out for new management, Social Enterprise Institute and hospitality certifications to be offered later in the year. Click here to read more about the benefits of taking the certificate programs at DePaul University.​