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About the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center

The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center was established in 2003 with support from The Coleman Foundation to encourage the study and successful practice of entrepreneurship in its connection to a community of practicing entrepreneurs. Our mission is to equip students and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit, explore opportunities, launch and grow ventures, and make successful transitions.

State and Jackson in Chicago

Where Theory Meets Practice

As a partner to DePaul's leading academic Entrepreneurship program, the Coleman Center is where entrepreneurial theory meets practice. Over the past decade, we have provided coaching to undergraduate and graduate students on campus, guided alumni in developing their entrepreneurial ventures, and delivered consulting services and educational workshops to the community.

Nationally Ranked for More Than 20 Years

DePaul University's Entrepreneurship Program has been recognized among the nation's top 25 entrepreneurship academic programs for more than 20 years. By complementing an outstanding academic curriculum with a multitude of student support services, the Center ensures that students pursuing entrepreneurial lifestyles will graduate as successful, competent leaders armed with the skills necessary to run businesses and contribute to economic growth.

Leadership Grounded in DePaul Values

Because it is based at DePaul University, the Coleman Center's services, educational programs and resources enable the university to fill an important role for nascent entrepreneurs who need strategic advice, professional guidance and a supportive environment. The center's focus also reflects the broader mission of DePaul, which emphasizes the values of education, research and community involvement.

Entrepreneurs for the Future, in Chicago and Beyond

DePaul encourages faculty, staff and students to apply specialized expertise in ways that contribute to the societal, economic, cultural and ethical quality of life in the metropolitan area and beyond. The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center is dedicated to developing DePaul students to become the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

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