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Custom Programs for Organizations

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Custom Programs for Organizations
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Develop your future leaders

Your organization is unique – your talent development should be, too. DePaul Executive Education delivers custom programs that meet your talent development goals, with a focus on skill-building in all major areas of business such as business acumen, operations, financial management, teamwork, digital marketing, innovation, business analytics, executive coaching, leadership, strategic thinking, change management, effective communication and executive presence.

Our executive education capabilities

In consultation with our diverse and distinguished faculty, we will create a custom program to help you meet your organization’s talent development and educational goals.

All our professional development programs are delivered with a practical hands-on approach, which supports immediate application, benefiting your organization now and into the future.

Custom Programs

We’ll work with you to provide solutions to contemporary learning and development challenges. Our team will create a customized program for participants that fits talent development goals, timeline and budget.

Practical Faculty-Led Learning

Here, we do. Learn from award-winning faculty for dynamic and insightful webinars, workshops and programs that balance academic rigor and practical application.

Flex Learning

We cater to working professionals by designing programs that are impactful with flexible learning opportunities, from short experiences to multi-year programs. We offer in-person, online or hybrid delivery options to fit your needs.

Group Enrollment

We help to solve enterprise-wide learning challenges, including enrolling entire business units in our traditional certifications in business analytics, business essentials, healthcare, entrepreneurship, financial technology and leadership fundamentals.

Our process

Discover: Listen, learn, define. Design: Align, develop, advise. Deliver: Structure, schedule, implement. Demonstrate: Track, assess, refine.


To help assess your organization’s talent development needs and timeline, our team will partner with you to identify and develop the most critical knowledge, skill and behavior learning goals to meet desired performance outcomes.


We design a professional development program that aligns with your organization’s learning goals and your employees’ needs. We excel at creating a learning environment that promotes quick and effective learning outcomes, while keeping your team’s preferred schedule and modality in mind.


With our award-winning faculty, we build programs to meet your organization’s unique structure. Drawing from DePaul’s commitment to delivering an exemplary learning experience, we consider the busy professional’s schedule and time zone when designing our custom programs. From lunch and learns to multi-year programs, we are adept at delivering in traditional learning formats as well as live and on-demand virtual learning.


To demonstrate the effectiveness of each custom program, our Executive Education team personalizes the evaluation process to assess changes in learners and return on investment for your organization. We utilize multiple sources of data to measure and track individual growth, and provide recommendations for future talent development programs.

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