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Faculty Research

DePaul University business professors are industry experts who produce research that shapes business thought and practice.

For example, our professor rank among the world's most prolific scholars of business education research, according to two studies presented at the Academy of Management’s 2016 annual meeting.  Among approximately 1,900 institutions surveyed internationally, our faculty ranks: 

  • No. 2 for producing research about marketing education, and
  • No. 6 overall for generating business and management education research. 

Faculty members Robert S. Rubin, Dan Koys, Erich DierdorffStephen Koernig, Joel Whalen and Cindy Durtschi were among DePaul researchers noted in the survey. ​​

More research achievements and publications, by school/department:

School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems

Mark Alford and Willie Reddic were among co-authors of “How Fair Value Information Changes Portfolio Rebalancing Behavior in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry” published in the Journal of Accounting and Finance, 16, 2016. 

Ning Du and Mark Alford co-authored, “Do GAAP and IFRS Differ in Collectability Judgments Related to Revenue Recognition?” published in the November/December issue of the Journal of Applied Business Research.
Ning Du and John McEnroe co-authored “An Examination of the Perceptions of Auditors and Chief Financial Officers of the Proposed Auditing Standard Involving Other Information in Audit Reports" for the Journal of Advances in Public Interest Accounting.
Christine Gimbar co-wrote “The Effects of Critical Audit Matter Paragraphs and Accounting Standard Precision on Auditor Liability” for The Accounting Review.
Grant Delvin penned “Business Analysis Techniques Used in Business Reengineering: A Case Study for  Business Process Management Journal, 22, 1, 2015; and co-authored “ICT Factors Influencing Global Manufacturing and Service Industry Performance” for Information Systems Research.

Mark Frigo co-authored “Why Innovation Should be Every CFOs Top Priority” with Darren Snellgrove, chief financial officer of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, as the cover article in Strategic Finance, 98, no. 4 October 2016.  He also co-authored “Human Capital Management: The Central Element of All Risk” with Mark Ubelhart in People + Strategy Journal, 2016, 39:1, a special issue on ensuring the secure enterprise. With Belverd Needles he published “Integrated Reporting and Sustainability Reporting:  An Exploratory Study of High Performance Companies,” for Studies in Financial and Managerial Accounting, JAI Elsevier Science Ltd., London, 21, 2016.

Yujong Hwang wrote “A Study on the Multidimensional Information Management Capability of Knowledge Workers” for Aslib Journal of Information Management, 68, 138-154, 2016; and “Investigating the Personal Information Management Motivation in a Mandatory Adoption of Content Management Systems” for Information Development, 2016. Other studies coauthored by Hwang:
  • “An Empirical Study on Trust in Mobile Banking: A Developing Country Perspective” for Computers in Human Behavior, 54, 453-461, 2016
  •  “Effects of Information Technology on Corporate Social Responsibility: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Economy” for Computers in Human Behavior, 59, 195-201, 2016
  • "Electronic Commerce and Online Consumer Behavior Research: A Literature Review” for Information Development, 32, 377-388, 2016
  • "The Effects of Perceived Enjoyment and Perceived Risks on Trust Formation and Intentions to Use Online Payment Systems: New Perspectives from an Arab Country” for the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 19, 33-43. 2016
  • “The Role of Goal Awareness and IT Self-Efficacy on Job Satisfaction of Healthcare System Users” for the Behaviour & Information Technology, 35, 548-558
  • “Understanding Information Proactiveness and the Content Management System Adoption in Pre-Implementation Stage” published in Computers in Human Behavior, 64, 515-523;
  • “Toward an Integrative View for the Leader Member Exchange of System Implementation” published in International Journal of Information Management, 36, 976-986.
Hui Lin co-wrote “Litigation Risk and Management Reporting Choice: A Comparative Study of PSLRA and SOX” for Advances in Public Interest Accounting, 16, “Sarbanes-Oxley and Conservatism in Financial Reporting” for Internal Auditing, 28, 13-18; and "Exploring Data Center Migration: Perceptions from the Field" for Journal of Information Systems.
Ronald Marcuson wrote “Tax Planning With Respect to an Insolvent Subsidiary in a Consolidated Return Group: Part 10 for Taxes – The Tax Magazine, 94.
Maureen Mercer co-wrote “Are Juries More Likely to Second-Guess Auditors Under Imprecise Accounting Standards”, 35,101-117; and “Understanding the Relation Between Financial Reporting Quality and Audit Quality, for Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory.

Kelly Pope penned “The Anatomy of a Whistle-blowing Letter: A Descriptive Study” for the Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting. She also wrote “An Examination of Financial Sub-certification and Timing of Fraud Discovery on Employee Whistle blowing Reporting Intentions” for the Journal of Business Ethics.
David J. Roberts wrote “Family Values Will Not End the Marriage Penalty” and “AGI and the Bizarre Medicare Premium Structure” for Tax Notes, 1003-1007 and 1845-1849, respectively. He also authored “The Often-Overlooked Advantages of Qualified Charitable Distributions” for the Journal of Taxation, 53-61.
Sandra Shelton and Ray Whittington co-wrote “Williams Community Hospital: An Internal Audit Case,” published in Issues in Accounting Education, 31.

Curtis C. Verschoor, professor emeritus, published “The Importance of Trust” in Strategic Finance, May 2016.​​

Department of Economics

Bala Batavia co-wrote “Government Policies and Micro-lending in Emerging Markets” for the Review of Economic and Business Studies, XIX, 9-32; and “Did EMU Membership Cause the ‘Dutch Disease’ in the PIGS Nations?” for Global Finance Journal.
Luke Chicoine wrote “Homicides in Mexico and the Expiration of the U.S. Federal Assault Weapons Ban: A Difference-in-Discontinuities Approach” for the Journal of Economic Geography.
James Ciecka co-authored “Decomposition of 1 That Incorporates Growth”  published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 22, 55-67.
Mike Miller has been interviewed by the media, including WTTW-TV's "Chicago Tonight" about the economy and economic policies 10 times over the summer and spring of 2016.
Brian Phelan and economists at the Federal Reserve released research that received coverage from Reuters and other media in October 2016. Their study found that even with improvements in technology, minimum wage hikes have caused little immediate displacement of restaurant workers by technology.

William Sander co-wrote “Household Location and Economic Development in the Chicago Metropolitan Area” for Economic Development Quarterly, 30, 232-238. He also co-authored “Multinomial Logit Estimates of Household Location in the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area” for Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences.

Department of Finance

Lamont Black co-authored “Monetary Policy, Loan Maturity, and Credit Availability” published in International Journal of Central Banking.

Sebastien Michenaud coauthored the paper "The Effect of Institutional Ownership on Payout Policy: Evidence from Index Thresholds,” which was the editor’s choice and lead article of the June 2016 issue of the Review of Financial Studies.

Jason Sturgess was among authors of “How Collateral Laws Shape Lending and Sectoral Activity” for the Journal of Financial Economics.  He also wrote “Ownership Structure, Limits to Arbitrage and Stock Returns: Evidence from Equity Lending Markets” for the Review of Financial Studies and co-wrote, with Jose Liberti, “The Anatomy of a Credit Supply Shock: Evidence from an Internal Credit Market” for the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

School of Hospitality Leadership

Chris Roberts co-wrote “Compensation Analysis: The 2016 ICHRIE Salary Survey” for the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education.

Nicholas Thomas  co-authored “Are Hospitality Graduates Making Too Many Compromises? What They Give Up May Lead to Turnover” for the Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 15, 133-146; and “Federal Minimum Wage Debate: Are Gubernatorial Politics Behind a Hotel Line Employee Wage?” published in Boston Hospitality Review, 4.

Department of Management

Lisa K. Gundry co–wrote “Perceived Entrepreneurial Munificence and Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Social Cognitive Perspective” for the International Small Business Journal and, with Javier Monllor, “Entrepreneurial Team Creativity: Driving Innovation from Ideation to Implementation” for the Journal of Enterprising Culture.
Daniel Koys wrote “Using the Department of Labor's ‘My Next Move’ to Improve Career Preparedness” published in the Journal of Management Education.
Helen LaVan published “Attitudes of U.S. Managers Towards Outsourcing: Results and Managerial Implications” for Business Review, Cambridge, 20, 1-8; and“Current State of Management/Union Relations in Hospitality Sector,” which appears in FIU Hospitality Review.  With Robert Perkovich, she co-wrote “Vacatur of Arbitration Awards as a Diminishment of Conflict Resolution” for Negotiation and Conflict Management Research.
Grace Lemmon and Margaret Posig co-wrote with other authors “Psychological Contract Development, Distributive Justice, and Performance of Independent Contractors: The Role of Negotiation Behaviors and The Fulfillment of Resources” for the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies.
William “Marty” Martin penned “Specific Characteristics Distinguishing Winning From Losing: Litigated Workplace Bullying Cases” for the Journal of Workplace Rights, 15; “In Defense of Evidence-Based Wealth Management: Where's the Beef?” for the  Journal of Wealth Management, 18, 10, 2016; “Taking OD Back to the Future” published in Organization Development Journal, Summer 2016, 1-20; and “Cyberbullying Comes to Work” published in Psychology and Education for an Interdisciplinary Journal, 53, 14, 2016.

Javier Monllor co-authored “Identifying the Elements of Entrepreneurial Opportunity Constructs: Recognizing What Scholars Are Really Examining” for the Journal of Small Business Management.

Department of Marketing

Roger J Baran penned “Social Customer Relationship Management in China,” published in Asian Forum on Business Education Journal, 9, 1-21, 2016.

Lawrence Hamer co-wrote “Achieving Change in Students' Attitudes toward Group Projects by Teaching Group Skills” for the Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 13. He also co-authored “Linking Program Level Assessment to Course Level Assessment Activities”  for the Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 9 .
James Mourey wrote the book “Fusion: A Modern 'How-To' Guide for Integrated Marketing Strategy (From Creative Spark To Synergistic Explosion).
Bruce Newman published “Reinforcing Lessons for Business from the Marketing Revolution in U.S. Presidential Politics: A Strategic Triad” in the Journal of Psychology & Marketing, 33, 781-795, 2016. He also co-authored “Political Spaces in Eurasia: Global Contexts, Local Outcomes” for the Journal of Political Marketing, 15, 1-4, 2016. Bruce has been frequently interviewed by the local and national media about political marketing and the 2016 Presidential election throughout 2016, including a profile in Marketing News titled “10 Minutes with Bruce Newman: Marketing has revolutionized politics. An expert discusses how it's affecting November's election.”
Richard Rocco co-wrote “Exploring Buyer-Seller Dyadic Perceptions of Technology and Relationships: Implications for Sales 2.0” for the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 10, 17-32, 2016.

Joel Whalen co-wrote “Outside the Box Teaching Moments: Classroom-tested Innovations” published in Marketing Education Review, 2016. With Rich Rocco, he co-wrote “Introducing Student Sales Managers into Experiential Sales Projects: Improving Student Performance and Reducing Classroom Management published in the Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, 24, 65-71, 2016.

Department of Real Estate

James Shilling and Jin Man Lee were among co-authors of “Announcement Effects: Taxation of Housing Capital Gains in Seoul” for the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. ​​​​​​​​​​