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Planning for Fall 2021 FAQs
Planning for Fall 2021 FAQs
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We look forward to welcoming you to campus this fall with a commitment to provide you with a high-quality, safe, flexible and connected education.

What should you expect? Here are answers to your frequently asked questions:

DePaul intends to welcome students to campus and offer in-person learning for the majority of courses this fall, in accordance with government and public health safety guidelines. The university’s course schedule will offer variety and flexibility in course formats, encompassing on-campus, online and learning options that blend the two.

The university plans to expand residence hall occupancy to nearly full capacity in fall, with some rooms set aside for students who may need to quarantine or isolate. DePaul also plans a full complement of dining options, including meal plans and on-campus locations. To learn more, visit

A coordinated, gradual increase in staffing for on-campus services and activities is expected to begin this summer. Currently, business student advising and services are available remotely, but we plan to offer these services both in-person and remotely by fall to provide flexible ways for you to connect with us.

Click here to read more details about DePaul's return-to-campus plans, which were discussed at an April 8 town hall for students and parents.

For updates on DePaul’s plans, visit

Students can learn more on this welcome website.

For fall, students will be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. This requirement covers all undergraduate, graduate and professional students in all degree programs who intend to be on campus for any period of time starting in the fall 2021 term. Click here for more details. The university also announced on July 26 that it will all require all employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 by Sept. 3 (Aug. 23 for the College of Law) in preparation for the return to campus this fall.

The State of Illinois and City of Chicago implemented new COVID-19 guidelines on June 11, 2021. In alignment with these reopening measures, DePaul updated it protocols as follows:

  • As of June 14, fully vaccinated individuals who are on campus will be highly encouraged—though not required—to wear a face mask indoors. Individuals who have not been vaccinated are expected to wear a mask at all times.
  • If you are vaccinated and still want to wear a mask, not only should you wear a mask, you are encouraged to do so.
  • Six-foot social distancing will continue in DePaul classrooms for summer courses on campus.

Visit the DePaul Health and Safety webpage for updates on public health measures on campus.

If you are using public transportation to get to campus, please note that face masks continue to be required by the Chicago Transit Authority and Metra, which have established new protocols to welcome riders back safely.

This fall the Driehaus College of Business plans to offer its undergraduate and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business courses in five instruction modes that provide flexibility for choosing the learning environment that is right for you. Three of our fall quarter course modes—On-Campus (P), Flex (FL) and Hybrid (HB)—offer in-person or blended in-person and virtual learning. Two others—Online Hybrid (OH) and Online Asynchronous (OA)—are fully online.

Depending on the online course mode you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with your course content, professors and fellow students live (synchronously), on your own schedule (asynchronously) or in a combination of both. You’ll access synchronous online class sessions via Zoom. Asynchronous course content, such as recorded lectures and homework assignments, will typically be posted on the university’s online learning platform, D2L.

For all modes of learning, our college is re-imagining the classroom experience, with an emphasis on devoting live class time to discussion, group problem solving and other interactive learning, while presenting other class content online, including pre-recorded videos that you can view on demand on your own schedule.

Registration for the fall quarter 2021 is set to begin April 29. Students should refer to Campus Connect for their specific registration date and time.

In-person or blended in-person/virtual learning is available in three of the business college’s fall undergraduate and graduate course modes—On-Campus (P), Flex (FL) and Hybrid (HB). Two other instruction modes—Online Hybrid (OH) and Online Asynchronous (OA)—are fully online. Other DePaul colleges and schools may offer courses in different instruction modalities.

Course Modality and Registration Code Class location What to expect This is a good choice for you if…
On Campus (P) In person on campus You’ll attend class on campus. On demand, pre-recorded content that complements your in-person learning may be posted on D2L, DePaul’s learning platform. You enjoy in-person learning with your peers and your professor in the same classroom.
Flex (FL) In person on campus OR online (synchronous) For each class session, you choose whether to attend class on campus or access classes live remotely via Zoom. Your instructor will teach from a technologically enhanced on-campus classroom with tools to engage both in-person and remote learners. You enjoy learning in the classroom, but want the flexibility to connect online when work, family responsibilities or travel prevent you from coming to campus.
Hybrid (HB) In person on campus AND online (asynchronous) Course sessions alternate between online prerecorded content that you access on-demand and live in-person classroom learning, with your instructor setting the schedule. You want a blend of on-campus and online learning.
Online Hybrid (OH) Online (synchronous and asynchronous) This entirely online course modality blends on-demand online learning and live remote class sessions. Your instructor sets the schedule. You enjoy online learning but want regular live interaction with your professor and your peers.
Online Asynchronous (OA) Online (asynchronous) This popular all-online option provides you the most flexibility for when and where to learn. All class content is prerecorded, with optional live online activities. You enjoy online learning and want the flexibility to fit study around your schedule, particularly if work, family and/or travel commitments are demanding.

Please note that spring and summer 2021 business courses will be offered online.

For courses that include synchronous class time—whether in person or online—you are expected to be in class at the time scheduled for synchronous learning by your faculty member, barring emergencies. Whether live class time is recorded depends on the mode of the course and your faculty member’s discretion.

In general, here’s what to expect:

On-Campus (P): You are expected to attend class in-person, on campus at the class time and place scheduled. Faculty members are unlikely to record classes.

Flex (FL): Classes are presented synchronously and you choose whether to attend each class session in-person or online. With either choice you are expected to participate in class at the specific time scheduled. Faculty members may record sessions to allow students to review material presented.

Hybrid (HB): Faculty members schedule HB course sessions to alternate between in-person class sessions, which you are expected to attend at the scheduled class time and place on campus, and asynchronous online learning you can access remotely on your own schedule. Faculty are unlikely to record in-person class sessions.

Online Hybrid (OH): Your classes will be entirely online; class time will be a blend of synchronous meetings, which you are expected to participate in at the scheduled time, and asynchronous recorded learning, which you can view at your convenience. Faculty members may record synchronous sessions to allow students to review material presented.

Online Asynchronous (OA): Your classes are entirely online, and presented asynchronously, with optional synchronous activities. All class presentations will be recorded and other content and activities will be conducted online for you to access on your schedule.

Your advisor also can provide more information about class modalities and meeting times.

Please be aware that for any course mode, students are expected to meet participation requirements and deadlines for completing coursework set by the faculty member.

If you experience an emergency that affects your attendance or ability to meet requirements, please contact your faculty member.

We are committed to offering you a high-quality DePaul education no matter if you are learning in-person, online or in ways that blend the two. Supporting this commitment is:

  • A business faculty that is focused on re-imagining how we can build inventive, connected and caring in-person and virtual learning experiences for you
  • DePaul’s 10+ years of experience in offering online learning
  • More than 1,000 faculty members—including nearly 85 at our business college—who have completed DePaul’s award-winning training program in effective and engaging online teaching
  • Technology upgrades to classrooms across DePaul—including 72 classrooms on the Loop Campus by fall—to provide a more dynamic experience for both in-person and remote learners

DePaul plans to begin offering study abroad with travel this fall, and the business college anticipates international business seminars with travel resuming in December. These programs will follow government and public health guidelines and best practices for safely conducting study abroad travel.

Visit DePaul Study Abroad for the latest information about available study abroad programs and travel updates.

DePaul began to offer some on-campus activities for students in spring. This fall, the university plans to expand engagement opportunities and open all student support services and resource centers for in-person gatherings, under guidelines set by government and public health officials.  

Welcome Week, which begins August 30, 2021, will be expanded to two weeks to allow more student participation. Specific events for sophomores and other students new to campus are planned. Visit the Welcome Week website and DeHub, DePaul's student engagement platform, for more details.

Currently, many opportunities to socialize and access university resources are only a few clicks away:

Read Newsline for university news for students, and our Business College News.