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The DePaul MBA

The DePaul MBA
The DePaul MBA

MBA degrees open doors. Our new DePaul MBA opens minds.

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business now offers our new DePaul MBA, which will prepare you to succeed in a rapidly changing world. And with a shorter completion time, you’ll be even more ahead of the curve as you learn both theory and practice to advance in your desired field.

Kellstadt students see an MBA degree as more than a box to be checked. This is a place where you come to grow—not just to gain knowledge, but also to make connections with thought leaders and peers in the business community. It’s where you’ll learn new ways to analyze the use of data to inform managerial decision-making—and how to inspire others and drive results in the real world. Here, you’ll not only improve your résumé, but also to expand your mind, relationships and potential.
Is this how you see an advanced degree? Then Kellstadt is where you belong.

Build a better you.

  • Learn in small classes. Kellstadt has a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Participate in vibrant discussions and build relationships with your classmates and professors.

  • Broaden your perspective. Gain multicultural perspectives through classroom interaction and short-term study abroad seminars.

  • Expand your network. Join a strong network of more than 65,000 DePaul business alumni. Interact with peers in a city that's home to 400 major corporate headquarters, including 30+ of the Fortune 500.

No matter how much time you have – we’ve got the format.

You can earn a DePaul MBA a variety of ways, based on the demands of your personal and professional schedule. Our new DePaul MBA will be even quicker to complete than before, so you’ll be ahead of the knowledge curve.

MBA Formats

Take the fast track with the Full-Time Day MBA program.

Keep up with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and join a tight-knit community of thought leaders.

  • Who: Early career professionals and career changers
  • When: Courses are offered during the day, Monday–Thursday
  • Program Length: A little more than a year (about 15 months)

Set your own pace with a course load that fits your life.

For busy professionals who need the flexibilty of courses that take place after work hours, in the evenings on our Loop Campus as well as online.

  • Who: Professionals with 2+ years of experience
  • When: Courses are offered weekday evenings; core courses available online
  • Program Length: A little less than two years (about 21 months)

Earn an MBA two weekends a month in downtown Chicago.

Offered on DePaul's Loop Campus, the Weekend MBA is ideal for working professionals whose job and family commitments make it challenging to attend classes during the week. Students take core courses with the same group of peers in a curriculum that emphasizes management and leadership.

  • Who: Professionals with 2+ years of experience
  • When: Courses are offered two Saturdays per month on the Loop Campus, with online coursework between class sessions
  • Program Length: Two years

MBA Concentrations

Kellstadt offers a wide variety of concentrations for your MBA, including the option to customize your degree to your specific interests and career goals. Or, you can choose to pursue multiple concentrations.

This philosophy of flexibility continues after you earn your MBA. Kellstadt alumni have the option to return as non-degree-seeking students to build their academic credentials with additional concentrations, simply by taking the additional courses required.

Choose from 15 concentrations:

Learn the theories and concepts, technical knowledge, and practical skills, tools and methodologies you'll need as an accountant or a manager making accounting decisions.

Accountancy MBA

Develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals that drive economic and market forces to guide decision-making and problem-solving in the business world.

Applied Economics MBA

Learn to successfully use data to inform real-world solutions for businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Business Analytics MBA

Enhance your ability to clearly define objectives, diagnose strategic positions, and develop and evaluate strategic options to deepen your business decision-making skills.

Business Strategy & Decision Making MBA

Combine core MBA courses with a custom mix of electives—from Kellstadt or other approved DePaul courses—to develop a precise skill set based on career goals.

Custom MBA

Choose this nationally ranked program to develop the knowledge you'll need to start and run your own business or manage innovative processes at an established firm.

Entrepreneurship MBA

Select a specific area of finance or take a more general approach to gain real-world skills, knowledge and industry insights for navigating today's global finance landscape.

Finance MBA

Prepare for leadership roles in hospitality and tourism with a broad range of knowledge, including advanced practices, current trends, marketing strategy and more.

Hospitality Leadership MBA

Enroll in this multidisciplinary program to develop the knowledge and skill set you need to navigate the increasingly complex and dynamic global business environment.

International Business MBA

Learn to successfully organize, lead and direct others in the workplace. After fulfilling core MBA requirements, choose from a wide variety of courses to tailor your degree.

Management MBA

Develop or enhance your ability to align information technology with business strategy, define complex information system requirements and guide others to build to those requirements.

Management Information Systems MBA

Sharpen your skills in multiple areas, including market research, category management, business development and digital marketing, to prepare yourself for leadership positions in the field.

Marketing MBA

Master the art and science of business development and marketing through opportunity evaluation, customer relationship building, strategy development, competitive pricing and more.

Marketing Strategy & Planning MBA

Combine courses in management, marketing, finance and investment to develop the knowledge you'll need for leadership roles in global real estate finance and investment.

Real Estate Finance & Investment MBA

Enroll in this innovative MBA program to prepare for high-level positions in corporate management, management consulting, investment banking, private equity and entrepreneurship.

Strategy, Execution & Valuation MBA


of 2017 business master's degree graduates are in jobs related to their field

Tier One

The DePaul MBA was ranked Tier One in North America in CEO Magazine's 2017 global business school rankings

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