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Custom MBA

The Custom MBA concentration provides you with the flexibility to create your own MBA focus based on your unique career goals. This MBA concentration is ideal if you want to combine core MBA classes with a multidisciplinary set of course electives that are tailored to the precise skill set you need to advance in your career.


You have the freedom to choose any four elective courses offered by Kellstadt and/or approved courses from other DePaul colleges and schools to earn the Custom MBA concentration after completing your core MBA courses.

Below are some examples of cross-disciplinary electives that could be chosen through the Custom MBA concentration to provide skills and knowledge for specific career paths:

  • Health care industry manager: MGT 559 Health Sector Management, MGT 566 Health Insurance, ECO 798 Health Economics and MPS 535 Issues in Healthcare.
  • Consultant: MGT 563 Negotiation Skills, MGT 584 Consulting Skills, MGT 535 Change Management and Consulting, COM 550 Organizational Diversity and Leadership.
  • Business analyst: ECO 525 Strategic Decision-Making and Game Theory, CSC 423 Data Analysis and Regression, CSC 424 Advanced Data Analysis and CSC 425 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.
  • Sports and sports industry-related organization professionals: MGT 519 Sports Management, MGT 545 Managing Service Operations, MGT 524 Leadership in Sports: Lessons for Coaching in the Workplace and MKT 385 Selling Professional & Collegiate Sports.

These are just a few examples of electives available through the Custom MBA concentration to design an MBA program that aligns with your individual career path. You are encouraged to consult with a Kellstadt Academic Success Office advisor to plan a program that’s right for you.

Career Outlook

Graduate Management Admission Council recruiter surveys indicate a positive career outlook for MBA graduates, with employers saying they believe hiring recent MBA graduates creates value for their companies.

Additional Information for Students

Please note that students who do not declare a specific concentration at the beginning of their DePaul MBA program will be assigned the Custom MBA concentration.

Upon completion of this program, your transcript will indicate you earned an MBA and that the degree plan was “Custom MBA.” ​​​​​​​

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