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Endowed Chairs, Professors and Fellows

Faculty chairs, professorships and fellowships at the Driehaus College of Business elevate academic quality and encourage a culture of creativity and discovery. These faculty positions are supported by endowments and gifts from organizations, foundations, alumni and individual benefactors — generous contributors who help the college recruit and retain the best faculty.

Meet  the outstanding teachers, groundbreaking scholars and influential industry experts who are shaping business thought and practice through these roles.

"My appointment allows me to pursue research discoveries in the field of investment management and then share these findings with my finance students and industry professionals."

Pavel G. Savor, Christopher L. Keeley Chair in Investment Management

Pavel G. Savor 

"My work focuses on advancing ethics education across DePaul’s curricula as well as engaging the business community with research, case studies and expertise that raises awareness about best practices in corporate governance."

Daryl Koehn, Wicklander Endowed Chair in Professional Ethics

Daryl Koehn 

"Through my research I’ve had the opportunity to explore important housing and real estate investment trends that impact home buyers, investors and the real estate industry, and then present these findings to academic and business professionals around the world."

James D. Shilling, George L. Ruff Endowed Chair in the Real Estate Center 

James D. Shilling 

"I’m honored to mentor accountancy students as well as work with industry leaders to diversify their talent."

Sandra Shelton, KPMG/Neil F. Casson Endowed Professor

Sandra Shelton 

"I bring real-world experience and case studies into my classes through my research. This is great for students because they not only understand the theory behind many finance principles but they also see the facts and data behind these theories."

Jose M. Liberti, Dr. William M. Scholl Chair in Finance

Jose M. Liberti 

"My fellowship supports efforts to develop teaching innovations for audit students to learn how to analyze and detect fraud, including the first algorithmic, interactive case study in forensic accounting education."

Cindy Durtschi, Dr. Barry J. Epstein Endowed Faculty Fellow

Cindy Durtschi 

Mark L. Frigo
Ezerski Endowed Chair
Teaching and research in accountancy; directs the Center for Strategy, Execution and Valuation. Established through gift from alumnus and finance executive Ronald Ezerski.

Belverd E. Needles
EY Distinguished Professor
Research, teaching, service and leadership in accounting education. Funded by matching gifts from EY staff and the EY Foundation.

Sandra Shelton
KPMG/Neil F. Casson Endowed Professor
Mentorship of accountancy student organizations, research and diversity advocacy in the accounting profession. Funded by an estate gift made to the KPMG Foundation by Jeanne Casson in the name of her late husband, retired KPMG partner Neil F. Casson.

Cindy Durtschi
Dr. Barry J. Epstein Endowed Faculty Fellow
Supports teaching and research that advances best practices in accounting education. This rotating fellowship is endowed by alumnus, accountant and educator Barry Jay Epstein.

John E. McEnroe
Deloitte Endowed Faculty Fellow
Teaching, research, service and leadership excellence in accountancy. Funded by alumni and friends at Deloitte.

Pavel G. Savor
Christopher L. Keeley Chair in Investment Management
Bridges investment management theory and practice through teaching, research and industry outreach. Endowed by the late finance executive John L. Keeley and his wife, Barbara, to honor their late son, alumnus Christopher L. Keeley.

Hongjun Yan
Driehaus Chair in Behavioral Finance
Teaches and researches the psychology of investing and serves as academic director of the Driehaus Center in Behavioral Finance. Endowed by alumnus and investment fund founder Richard H. Driehaus.

Jose M. Liberti
Dr. William M. Scholl Endowed Chair in Finance
Publishes researchs in top finance journals and teaches corporate banking. Endowed by the Dr. William M. Scholl Foundation.

Sonya Seongyeon Lim
Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance Fellow
Researches the behavioral aspects of financial decision-making. Endowed by alumnus and investment fund founder Richard H. Driehaus.

Daryl Koehn
Wicklander Endowed Chair in Professional Ethics
Teaches, researches and shares best practices for ethical decision-making and corporate governance. Directs the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics. Endowed by the late Callista Wicklander and her husband, Raymond, longtime supporters of DePaul’s mission and ethics education.

Coleman Foundation Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship
Advances entrepreneurship education and practice through teaching, research and industry outreach. Established through the generosity of the Coleman Foundation. The college has embarked on a national search to name a chair in 2019.

Bin Jiang
Driehaus Fellow
Publishes research in the field of management, mentors faculty in producing high-quality research and teaches management students. Endowed by alumnus and investment fund founder Richard H. Driehaus.

Jaclyn Jensen
DePaul Humanities Center Faculty Fellow 2018-20
Supports Jensen’s research into “Weight-based Bullying at Work: Exploring the Personal Consequences, Organizational Costs, Cultural Context, and Victim-Focused Interventions” Funded by the DePaul Humanities Center.

James D. Shilling
George L. Ruff Endowed Chair in the Real Estate Center
Leads academic research at the Real Estate Center, fosters educational and research engagement between DePaul and Chicago’s real estate community, and teaches in the MBA program. Endowed by hotel executive and alumnus George L. Ruff.

Charles Wurtzebach
Douglas and Cynthia Crocker Real Estate Center Endowed Director
Directs real estate education, research, industry outreach and professional development programs and the Real Estate Center at DePaul. Endowed by retired real estate executive Douglas Crocker II and his wife, Cynthia.