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Management (MBA)

The MBA concentration in management provides you with in-depth, applied learning that will enable you to successfully organize, lead and direct others in the workplace.  The program will prepare you for professional opportunities across industries, with a focus on self-awareness, leadership development, teamwork, project management and managing others. 


You have the flexibility to choose any four graduate-level management courses to fulfill your concentration after completing core MBA requirements. Depending on your goals, you could choose courses that prepare you for the following career paths:
  • Coaching and Talent Development: Gain management coaching competencies to  help others achieve change and performance improvement, and improve your individual leadership effectiveness and personal growth.  
  • Consulting: Master the process to consult with clients, including contracting, problem diagnosis, data analysis, and client feedback and evaluation. 
  • Leadership and Change Management: Learn the systematic process to design and lead change efforts that encompass diagnosing opportunities, creating change visions and developing readiness for change to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Managing Human Capital: Develop skills for strategically managing human resources to advance organizational goals, improve workforce performance and enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Supply Chain Management: Increase your ability to critically evaluate supply chain design and model complex supply chain phenomena.

Career Outlook

The MBA concentration in management offers you a path to various positions within management. Depending on the courses you choose and your career goals, sample job titles include general manager, human resource manager, senior manager, organization development consultant, director of change management or organizational effectiveness, program director, project manager and operations manager, among others.  Students who have completed this concentration have gone on to leadership roles at firms such as Grainger, Deloitte, JLL, 3M and Northern Trust, among many other organizations.
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