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​​Tentative Hospitality Course Offerings for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

This hospitality course offerings list is used for planning purposes only. The hospitality course offerings list may change based on availability and program needs. All hospitality classes are four (4) credit hours and offered face-to-face (F2F) on the Loop campus unless otherwise indicated. 

Hospitality Undergraduate Courses 

​​ Autumn 2017​ ​Winter 2018 ​Spring 2018
​HSP 1 Hospitality Business Etiquette (0cr) X​ X​ X​
​HSP 100 Introduction to Hospitality
(Lincoln Park Campus)
X​ X​ X​
HSP 100 Introduction to Hospitality ​ ​X - Online ​X - Online ​X - Online
​HSP 101 Introduction to Global Tourism
​(Lincoln Park Campus)
​X X​ X​
​HSP 201 Hospitality Service & Experience Management (2cr) X​ X​ - F2F and Online X​ - F2F and Online
HSP 202 Hospitality Business Operations (2cr)​ ​X - Online X​ - F2F and Online X​ - F2F and Online
HSP 203 Hospitality Leadership & Self Development (2cr)​ X​ - Online  X​ - Online X - Online
​HSP 204 Hospitality Leadership & Teams (2cr) ​X - Online X​ - Online X​ - Online
​HSP 205 Hospitality Revenue, Sales & Marketing (2cr) ​X X​
​HSP 206 Hospitality Ratio & Financial Analysis ​X X​
HSP 207 Hospitality Law, Ethics & Risk ​X X​ X​
HSP 208 Managing People & the Chicago Union Environment (2cr)​ ​X X​
HSP 250 Career Management for Hospitality Professionals (2cr)​ ​X X​
​HSP 301 Service Leadership Speaker Series I (1cr) ​X ​X X​
​HSP 302 Service Leadership Speaker Series II (1cr) ​X X​ X​
​HSP 303 Hospitality Internship I X​ - Hybrid X​ - Hybrid X​ - Hybrid
HSP 304 Hospitality Internship II X - Hybrid X - Hybrid X - Hybrid
​HSP 323 Advanced Private Club Management ​X
​HSP 330 Foodservice Management X​
​​HSP 331 Foodservice Purchasing​ ​X
​HSP 332​​ Beverage Management ​X
​HSP 333 International Wine Education & Management ​X ​X ​X
​​HSP 340 Lodging Property Management  X​ ​X
​HSP 341 Resort & Spa Management X​
​HSP 343 Casino Management
X​ - Online
​​HSP 350 Event Planning X​ ​X
HSP 351 Event Tourism​ X​
​​HSP 352 Event Production ​X
HSP 353 Event Sales, Service & Promotion
HSP 355 Advanced Event Management
HSP 362 Revenue, Pricing & Distribution
​X - Online
HSP 372 Branding & Customer Loyalty
HSP 386 Hospitality Accounting I: Revenues & Expenses
​X - Online
HSP 398 Catering Management
​​HSP 398 Restaurant Entrepreneurship  X​
​​HSP 398 Food Service Trends and Innovation ​X
​​HSP 398 A Day in the Life of a Restaurant General Manager
HSP 398 ​Contemporary Trends in Cuisine & Culture X​
​HSP 399 Independent Study X​ ​X X​
ICS 396 Hospitality Strategy
X​ - Hybrid X​​​​

 Hospitality Graduate Courses 

​Autumn 2017​ ​Winter 2018 ​Spring 2018
HSP 502 Managing the Guest/Employee Experience ​ ​X ​X - Online 
​HSP 503 Advanced Hospitality Leadership and Performance X - Online X - Online​ ​X
​HSP 505 Service Technology & Innovation in Hospitality Environment X​ - F2F and Online
​HSP 506 Hospitality Strategy & Operational Performance ​X - F2F and Online
​HSP 561 Revenue Management  X​ - F2F and Online
​HSP 562 Hospitality Distribution Channels ​X - F2F and Online
​HSP 563 Hospitality Data Analytics & Financial Metrics X​ - F2F and Online
HSP 793 Practicum in Applied Hospitality Leadership​ X - Online​ and Hybrid ​X - Online and Hybrid X - Online and Hybrid​
​HSP 798 Hospitality Accounting X - Online
HSP 798 Managing People in the Hospitality Environment​ ​X - Online
HSP 798 Global Hospitality Brand Management ​ X - Online​
HSP 798 Hospitality Customer Relationship Management​ ​X - Online
​HSP 798 Restaurant Entrepreneurship X​
​HSP 798 Food Service Trends and Innovation ​X
​HSP 798 A Day in the Life of a Restaurant General Manager ​X
​HSP 798 Advanced Event Management ​X
​HSP 798 Advanced Private Club Management ​X
HSP 799 Hospitality Independent Study
​X X X​