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Ignacio Luri

Academic Degrees

PhD, Marketing, University of Arizona, 2020
MS, Marketing, University of Arizona, 2015
BA, Business Management, University of Las Palmas, 2011


Ignacio Luri joined DePaul in 2020 as an assistant professor of marketing at the Driehaus College of Business. Following his business management studies in Spain, Luri's professional career was heavily influenced by experiences abroad, including a visit to the Institute for Social Marketing and Health in Stirling, United Kingdom, and a visiting scholar position at the University of Arizona. Since then, Luri’s work has focused on language, ​among other facets of culture, and a sensitivity to prosocial causes. With a variety of methods, much of Luri’s research examines online conversation and discourse and how they affect consumers in realms as varied as finance, health or retail. Some of his research includes a Journal of Social Marketing publication on health promotion and a chapter in the book "Social Marketing and Public Health Communication." His current projects target outlets such as Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing. Inspired by his global mindset, diverse range of experiences and his passion for everything online, Luri currently teaches international marketing and courses in the digital marketing concentration.

In parallel to his academic activities, Luri has had enriching experiences in the industry. Prior to coming to the U.S., Luri worked in the marketing department of a wholesale retailer based in Spain. More recently, he has worked as an ​academic consultant for the Filene Research Institute, a think tank established by the Credit Union National Association. In addition to publishing several white papers on financial education and cross-generational marketing, this collaboration grew into a lasting relationship with the industry and a personal interest in consumer financial well-being. True to Spaniard stereotypes, Luri is an adept fencer, a wine snob, and enjoys making paella for friends and family. He is also an avid reader and loves experiencing different cultures through literature when travel is not an option.