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Double Demon Scholarship Helps Alumni Update Skills

The Double Demon Scholarship which is open to DePaul alumni with undergraduate or graduate degrees from any of the university’s colleges or schools​covers 25 percent of the tuition for graduate study at DePaul, including  MBA and specialized master's degrees at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

The scholarship applies to alumni who enroll as part-time or full-time students. No separate application for the scholarship is necessary—DePaul alumni admitted into any Kellstadt MBA or master’s degree program automatically qualify.

"The business landscape is constantly changing, and so our students find a lot of benefit in coming back to brush up on their skills to move up in their company or transition into a new career,” says Christa Hinton, assistant dean and director of the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. “We truly value our alumni and are happy to offer a great opportunity to make it affordable for them to come back to DePaul.”

The Double Demon Scholarship at Kellstadt is great for business and non-business undergraduates alike.  Two alumni share their experiences using the scholarship:

Jeanette Gerger (BUS ’09)

Janette Gerger
Janette Gerger
Jeanette Gerger (BUS ’09) graduated from DePaul at the height of the recession that began in 2008, but was able to find a good job in marketing research due to her internships and business skills learned in class.

After seven years of as an account specialist and then account manager for market research and consumer package goods companies, Gerger decided she wanted to get into brand management. 

She noticed, however, that many of the job postings required an MBA. 

While attending a career fair at DePaul, Gerger found out about the Double Demon Scholarship available to DePaul alumni who return for graduate study at their alma mater. The scholarship, plus a waiver of several courses and the GMAT requirement because of her work experience, made it a “no brainer” decision to enroll in DePaul’s MBA program.

“Returning to school was a smart move for me because it allows me to understand how to run a business, and it is familiarizing me with business practices that I can now put into practice,” says Gerger. “Graduate school also afforded me an opportunity to change my career track. I am now interested in concentrating in entrepreneurship and taking over the family company.”

Tanya Amidei (COM BA ’13)

Tanya Amidei
Alumna Tanya Amidei (COM BA '13) received a Double Demon Scholarship when she enrolled in DePaul's MBA program.  Her courses have included  a study abroad seminar in Qatar, where she and her business classmates met Qatari entrepreneurs and learned about the Middle East sport of falconry.
Tanya Amidei, who double majored in journalism and communications as an undergraduate student, was working at a wine sales and marketing firm for two years before she decided to come back to DePaul for a graduate business degree.

“Neither of my parents graduated from college, so education was something that was important to me, and a big accomplishment in my family,” says Amidei. “I always knew that I would return to school to get a master’s degree.”

Even in a marketing coordinator role, Amidei realized that there were many parts of business that she didn’t know, and this was holding her back from advancing in her career. She wanted the foundation in business theory and practice that a DePaul MBA would give her.

“I had four amazing years at DePaul and I wanted to look at their graduate programs,” says Amidei. “After finding out about the Double Demon discount, I stopped looking at other schools and began planning on what my business concentration should be.”

Amidei instantly realized that returning to DePaul to get her MBA was a great decision after her first management course, where she was able to use concepts learned in class and apply them to her job. She also is taking advantage of the school’s Kellstadt Career Management Center Center by attending events, and has participated in a business study abroad seminar. In December, Amidei and 12 other classmates signed up for an international business seminar in Qatar.

“The experience was absolutely incredible,” says Amidei. “To travel to the other side of the world and see the same business concepts I have learned being applied in the Middle East was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Going back to graduate school was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the Double Demon discount was a nice added bonus.”

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