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About the Center

The core mission of DePaul’s John L. Keeley Center for Financial Services is to deliver high-impact programs that fulfill industry talent requirements and address the interests of students, industry professionals and academic scholars dedicated to research relating to financial institutions and regulation.

The founding members insisted from the beginning that the activities be practical and relevant for all of its stakeholders. The Keeley Center focuses on strategy and outcomes that positively differentiate the DePaul student experience, while deliberately and concurrently raising the visibility of DePaul University in the business community.

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John L. Keeley Jr. & the Keeley Family Foundation

John L. Keeley Jr., who passed away in 2015, was the founder and chief investment officer of Keeley Asset Management Corp. (now known as Keeley Teton Advisors) and the Keeley Family Foundation. Keeley and his wife, Barbara, endowed the Christopher L. Keeley Chair in Investment Management at DePaul in 2006. The chair honors their youngest son, Christopher, a 1997 DePaul business college alumnus and KAMCO officer who died suddenly at age 29 from a pulmonary embolism in 2002.

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