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Teaching & Pedagogy

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Ethics Across the Curricula

As part of DePaul's Vision Twenty12, in particular Objective 1e: "Provide opportunities for all students to learn ethical systems and demonstrate ethical practice," and in response to the ever-increasing demand for more ethical behavior on the part of business, the professions, in politics and in public life, the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics has been given the opportunity to coordinate, encourage and enable the teaching of ethics across the curricula at DePaul, including every discipline and every school. This is not a mandate to require ethics modules in every course; the manner in which ethics is presented in each discipline will be quite different depending on the area of study and focus. Thus, the Institute has titled this initiative Ethics Across the Curricula.

The Ethics Across the Curricula Committee, formed of a cross-section of faculty from the university, have accomplished much since its inception in 2007, including:

  • Ethics Audit — The committee has conducted an extensive survey of the current level of ethics education in all academic disciplines.
  • Common Language Manual — A sub-committee drafted a common language manual for ethics education, so that faculty could have a common glossary for the discourse on teaching ethics. To download the manual, click here​.
  • Online Case Studies — Professor Laura Hartman is developing an online case study technology for the classroom that allows users/students to consider multiple perspectives in reaching decisions surrounding ethical dilemmas.
  • Faculty Workshops — Perhaps the greatest of the committee's accomplishments has been the five faculty workshops, where 200 faculty members have been trained in ethics and values pedagogy as well as given assistance in developing their own ethics curriculum. These three-day workshops aim to bring ethical instruction and perspective into areas of study which are often otherwise without them.

MBA Modules

In the autumn of 2008, as part of the ongoing process of embedding ethics throughout the DePaul curricula, the Management Department was tasked with developing four sets of ethics modules to be integrated into the MBA curriculum. Led by Laura Hartman and Patricia Werhane, modules have been developed and incorporated into every section of these courses Management 500, 502, 555 and Operations and Management 599, the capstone course in the management track. In developing these modules, faculty have been given a plethora of material, including articles, slides, assignments, suggested teaching methods and learning objectives.

The learning objectives stated at the beginning of each module are envisioned as a requirement for every student, so that students leaving DePaul will be equipped with decision models that enable them to reason and critically analyze ethical issues they will face in the workplace. With that goal in mind, the method of achievement may be flexible and differ in each course section.

All of this material is available internally to DePaul faculty online on the Management portal, where the goal is to provide each faculty member teaching one of the Management MBA sections with sufficient material for him or her to customize these resources to fit their teaching style and philosophy while also meeting the ethics learning objectives. If individuals external to DePaul are interested in the applications of these modules in connection with their undergraduate or MBA programs, please contact the Institute by emailing Laura Hartman at or see:

L.P. Hartman, P. Werhane, "A Modular Approach to Business Ethics Integration: At the intersection of the Stand-Alone and the Integrated approaches," Journal of Business Ethics, v. 90, no. 3 (2010), pp. 295-300, available from Springer Publishing. ​

Corporate Roundtable

In the fall of 2012, the Institute hosted its first corporate roundtable, seeking to provide an environment for intimate discussion among leading Chicago business professionals and learn more about what the Institute could provide to the business community. The discussion also developed into a sounding board for the participants to really consider similar issues that arise in their companies.

Since then, the Institute has hosted two further roundtables, with plans for more in the future.

Fall 2015: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
In attendance:

  • Katherine Kirsch, Chief Marketing Officer, SISU Global Health
  • Carolyn Yurina, CEO, SISU Global Health
  • Therese Fauerbac, CEO, The Northridge Group, Inc.
  • Brian LaPelusa, Owner, LaPelusa Home Improvement, Inc.
  • Gina Buda, President, Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc