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Past Cohorts

After launching in fall 2019, WEI's Business Accelerator Program has already held five cohorts. Our founders have scaled companies across a variety of industries — finance, education, media, technology, food science and more.

Cohort One

  • Elizabeth Ames-Wollek (MBA ’15) and Melissa Ames
    Company: EarlyVention
  • Margaret Bamgbose
  • Parker English
  • Michelle Frame
    Company: Victus Ars
  • Elise Gelwicks
    Company: InternView
  • Ariana Lee (BA ’19)
  • Jennifer Spraggins (MBA ’18)
    Company: Tease Lush
  • Soumaya Yacoub
    Company: PetitCalm
  • Nika Vaughn
    Company: Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists
  • Nora Wall
    Company: PolyMath

Cohort Two

  • Auriel Banister
    Company: Bani’s Beets
  • Jessie Crawford
    Company: Aged & Infused
  • Victoria Hilton
    Company: Stepping Stones Nursery School & Preschool
  • Ashely Kirkwood
    Company: Mobile General Counsel
  • Afenya Pongo Montgomery
    Company: iCAN Collective
  • Alicia Ponce
    Company: APMonarch
  • Morgan (Freitag) Strahan
    Company: Rekroot

Cohort Three

  • Abby Alley
    Company: ABBY ALLEY
  • Catalina Bentz
    Company: Catan Pisco
  • Kourtney Greenlee
    Company: Authentic Legacy
  • Ashley Wallace
    Company: Le'Flair Hair
  • Jacqueline S. Ruiz
    Company: Fig Factor Media
  • Sherri Southall
    Company: Sunshine Brokers
  • Cera Stan
    Company: Stan Mansion
  • Deb Tauber
    Company: Innovative SimSolutions
  • Annie Warshaw and Jill Carey
    Company: Mission Propelle
  • Chiquita White
    Company: Kiwi's Boutique

Cohort Four

  • Oni Aningo (BUS ’03)
    Company: Global Group Media
  • Anna Alexopoulos
    Company: One Oak Street
  • Aisha Crump
    Company: Botanika Beauty
  • Nicolette Downs
    Company: Big Shoulders Yoga
  • Melissa English and Anne E Coleman
    Company: Living Room Realty
  • Ravi Hansra
    Company: Hansra Consulting
  • Andrea Herrera
    Company: Boxperience
  • Ari Krzyzek
    Company: Chykalophia Group
  • Yuliia Khyzhniak
    Company: TechSkillAcademy
  • Svetlana Matchenia
    Company: TechSkillAcademy
  • Anastasiya Motalava
    Company: TechSkillAcademy
  • Tara Robertson
    Company: Pup Stars
  • Marisa Schulz
    Company: All Together Studio
  • Rachael Smith
    Company: All Together Studio
  • Deborah Siegel-Acevedo
    Company: Girl Meets Voice, Inc.
  • Claudette Soto
    Company: Baso, Ltd.

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago (Cohort Five)

  • Robin Beaman
    Company: Beaman Incorporated
  • Elsie Cardell
    Company: Results Sales Marketing
  • Sheila Coates
    Company: BYOB (Be Your Own Brand)
  • Cecelia Harrison
    Company: ReveNewCycle Management
  • Nichole Jackson
    Company: Bronzeville Wingz
  • Larvetta Loftin
    Company: L3 Agency
  • Pam Redwood
    Company: SMG Speakers
  • Toi Salter
    Company: Salter Financial Management