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Banking & Capital Markets Track

Are you an undergraduate finance major interested in a banking and capital markets career?

The John L. Keeley Jr. Center for Financial Services offers the Banking & Capital Markets Track and Academy for undergraduate finance students. In this track, you'll choose from one of three areas to focus on throughout the degree program:

  • Corporate and investment banking
  • Asset management
  • Commercial banking

In the Banking & Capital Markets Academy, you'll have access to professional development, networking and related work experience.

"I am very proud to say that I am entering into my senior year at DePaul with a full-time job offer at JPMorgan. I know that my banking and corporate finance education from DePaul played a major role in providing me the skills and tools to shine in a professional work setting."

Stephanie (BUS ‘19)


The Banking & Corporate Finance Track and Academy offers you:

  • Soft and technical skills that enhance your qualifications
  • Direct access to industry through organized networking opportunities
  • Professional mentoring focused on the critical elements of career choice
  • Industry-led workshops, seminars and student competitions
  • One-on-one guidance on pursuing industry segments that align with your interests and skills
  • Collaboration with industry and the DePaul Career Center to build industry-specific knowledge related to business models, job roles and career paths
  • Connections to companies and firms for meaningful related part-time work and formal internships

The following academic coursework has been purposefully designed in response to industry feedback and demand to better prepare you for the field after graduation.

First course in banking and corporate finance course sequencing:

FIN 398 Banking & Credit Analysis

Next Step > Select Industry Focus and Follow the Course Sequencing

1. Corporate and Investment Banking

2. Commercial Banking

3. Asset Management/Research Sales & Trading

  1. Corporate & Investment Banking
  2. FIN 398 Debt Capital Markets
    FIN 398 Valuation
    FIN 313 Investment Banking
  3. Asset Management
  4. FIN 335 Portfolio Management
    FIN 336 Equity Research
    FIN 398 Fixed Income
  5. Commercial Banking
  6. FIN 323 Commercial Banking
    RE 350 Real Estate Finance
    FIN 398 Sales/Relationship Management