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College Core Requirements

All undergraduate students in the Driehaus College of Business complete foundational courses in the areas of accountancy, mathematics, economics, business law, finance, management, management information systems, and marketing.

Course Requirements

For a student to complete the Bachelor of Science in Business, the following Business Core courses totaling at least 66.0 hours are required:

*MGT 301-H is required if pursuing the Management Honors Program.

Second Majors and Minors

The addition of a second major or minor may affect the Business Core classes required for a student. Meet with an academic advisor to confirm requirements.

Math Requirements

  • A student is expected to complete the business math sequence (MAT 135MAT 136, and MAT 137) in the first year of study
  • MAT 135 and MAT 137 are completed through Liberal Studies requirements
  • MAT 135 may be replaced by MAT 150 or MAT 160 or MAT 170
  • MAT 136 may be replaced by MAT 151 or MAT 161 or MAT 171
  • MAT 135 and MAT 136 may be replaced by the sequence of MAT 147, MAT 148, and MAT 149
  • MAT 137 may be replaced by MAT 348 or MAT 351; if done, an additional Scientific Inquiry course must be added to the degree plan

MAT 135


FIN 398


Content and format of this course are variable. An in-depth study of current issues in finance. Subject matter will be indicated in class schedule.
FIN 310 is a prerequisite for this class.

WRD 301


Students examine the roles of writing (transactional, informative, and persuasive) in professional contexts and learn common features of workplace writing situations (internal vs. external documents, collaboration, distribution of expertise and authority, content management, globalization) and strategies for responding to them. They will also learn about stylistic conventions common to workplace genres (building an effective professional persona through writing - tone, document design) and their typical formats. Theory and analysis will ground discussions of production and production-based projects. Formerly ENG 301.

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