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Combined Bachelor's and Master's in Real Estate

  • Take three graduate classes during senior year, to count toward both the undergraduate major and the graduate degree
  • Finish nine graduate classes in as little as one year to complete the Master of Science in Real Estate
  • Provides Double Demon Scholarship of 25 percent off graduate tuition
  • Department of Real Estate offers additional scholarships
  • Letters of recommendation are waived

​The combined Bachelor's + Master's degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates. These three graduate level courses will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

DePaul Undergraduate Degree + Real Estate (MS) ​

The Master of Science in Real Estate offers students a focused degree program of specialized courses in real estate analysis, development, finance, valuation, investment, planning and public policy. Courses are taught by both academics and professionals and are frequently team taught by a combination of the two. Casework and teamwork are hallmarks of the program, providing opportunities to develop communication and leadership skills.

Students emerge from the program with strong exposure to real estate content, concepts and practices as well as a sold array of skills that can be adapted to the evolving and inherently multi-disciplinary real estate industry.

DePaul degree-seeking undergraduate students interested in earning a Master of Science in Real Estate may apply to the bachelor's degree/Real Estate (MS) combined program. Students may be able to obtain both degrees in as few as five years.


Students must formally apply and be admitted to the Department of Real Estate before beginning their graduate coursework. Undergraduate students who meet the following criteria may apply to this program:

  • Junior standing or higher (at least 88.0 credits)
  • A minimum cumulative DePaul grade point average of 3.20

Students participating in this program will typically take the following three graduate level courses during their senior year:

Course Title Quarter Hours

These three courses may double-count up to 12 credits towards both degree programs. The undergraduate degree will be awarded at the completion of all undergraduate work while the MSRE will be awarded upon completion of the remaining graduate level work.

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To apply to the program, click here

  • Program of study: combined bachelor’s + master’s degree program in Real Estate
  • Entry term: quarter after bachelor’s degree completion / full matriculation to Kellstadt
  • Documents waived: ​statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and application fee

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