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Students Serve on Marketing Community Board

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business strengthened connections between its Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) students, graduates and alumni by forming a new organization, The Marketing Leaders Community (MLC) in the fall. Now the MLC is expanding MLC’s mission by forming a student-run executive board to provide students with opportunities to learn leadership skills.

“My goal with the MLC is to increase student engagement by cultivating a sense of community among our MS in Marketing students,” says Clinical Professor and MSM Program Director Roger Lall. “The formation of this student-led board will give students valuable experience that fosters student collaboration.”

Students serving on the board will gain real-world experience by planning and organizing marketing skills-building and networking events in the fall and spring annually. In addition, they will arrange informal student gatherings and meetups, which will be led by the board members. The board will also assume an active role in welcoming new students and international students to DePaul.

Raleigh Meier, a current MSM student, serves as the board’s first president. “One of our main goals for right now is to broaden our alumni connections and create a sense of community where MSM students are comfortable with reaching out and connecting with one another,” says Meier. “We hope to get MSM students involved while they are current students, make the most of their time at DePaul and then be willing to return in the future to provide similar advice to incoming students.”

While Meier will serve as the president, the board will use a shared-leadership model. Board members will learn to make decisions based on consensus, but each will have their own responsibilities, such as alumni outreach and social media. The 2019 MLC Executive Board members are: 

  • President—Raleigh Meier
  • Vice President, Social Media Programs—Nick Schmitt
  • Vice President, Events—Kennedy Conn
  • Vice President, Alumni Relations & Corporate Relations—Jenna Rummelhart
  • Vice President, Memberships—Margaret Wolfe
  • Vice President, International Student Relations—Abay Sarsenov

“We want to differentiate DePaul University's MSM program from other universities by offering excellent content in classroom and enhancing student experience both inside and outside the classroom,” says Lall. “There's a sense of excitement among our MSM students. That's what sets us apart. “

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