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Marketing (MS)

The Master of Science in Marketing prepares students with the knowledge and skills required to identify and develop products and services that meet customer needs. Taught by scholars and business leaders who bring the real world of marketing into the classroom, coursework emphasizes proficiency​  in analysis, conceptual ability, planning and control of market activity.  Upon graduating, students will be prepared for the rigors of a marketing career in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.


The MS in Marketing program curriculum will provide you with a solid foundation in market analysis, evaluating market activity and management strategies, including:

  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Research and analytical tools for marketing
  • Analysis of consumer trends and business conditions
  • Effective and ethical decision-making
  • Business communication

Career Outlook

Graduates of the program will be qualified to help develop effective marketing strategies based upon the analysis and interpretation of marketing data. Employment of marketing managers and related occupations is projected to grow 12 percent through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. ​​​​​

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