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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Students in the MS in Marketing program must complete 8 core marketing courses and four marketing electives. Please note that it is assumed that admitted students have prior coursework in statistics. Students without prior coursework in statistics must complete GSB 420 prior to registering for MKT 525.

Marketing Core (8 courses)

Marketing Electives (4 Courses)

Any four marketing electives

Degree Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of the college residency requirement.

  • Satisfactory completion of the 4 KGSB Core Courses and 8 Marketing Required Courses.

  • All courses for credit toward the degree must be completed within six calendar years after the candidate's first term of enrollment in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.  After a lapse of six years a course is expired.  An expired course is not acceptable for the purpose of satisfaction of degree requirements and is not applicable to the degree. 

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