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Accountancy Professor Examines Fraud Cases in New Podcast

By Andrew Zamorski  /  4/12/2019  / Twitter / Facebook

Forty-four percent of the U.S. population listened to a podcast in 2018, according to Nielsen. Capitalizing on the popularity of this medium, Associate Professor of Accountancy Kelly Richmond Pope is using podcasts not only to educate but also to enlighten listeners about issues in accounting fraud.

Associate Professor of Accountancy Kelly Richmond Pope
Associate Professor of Accountancy Kelly Richmond Pope was recently featured on the cover of New Accountant Magazine.

“A ‘dupe’ occurs when you unexpectedly fall victim to something that seems natural,” Pope says, “like when you bury your loved one and the funeral home puts extra charges on your bill or when you return a gift card and it is empty because the cashier put the return on their own gift card.”

In “Dupe of the Week,” Pope and her co-host, Bill “Professor Fraud” Kresse, an instructor at Governors State University, provide weekly stories about deception in business, politics, education, nonprofits and even love. Some of the topics are timely, like the failed Fyre Festival that resulted in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, while others are timeless, cautionary tales.

“There are so many different types of dupes out there that our weekly short segments can be very helpful,” Pope says. “I use the podcasts to educate my students about forensic accounting, and I hope professionals can use them in the classroom, at brown bag meetings or in training sessions.”

Podcasts are not the only medium Pope uses in the classroom. Pope, who directed two feature-length documentaries on fraud, also uses film to ignite classroom discussion. Pope is the director of the education documentary “Crossing the Line, which features interviews with people who committed fraud, as well as “All the Queen’s Horses,” which earned rave reviews and accolades when it was released in fall 2017.

In “Dupe of the Week,” Pope and Kresse interview fraud experts, people who have been duped and, in some cases, the people who perpetuated the fraud. “We provide a one-of-a-kind look at every aspect of a fraud,” says Pope. “This podcast not only entertains, but helps protect you from becoming a victim.”

“Dupe of the Week” is available on iTunes. Follow the latest podcast updates on @dupeoftheweek on Twitter, or listen to the latest episodes below.

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