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Audit and Advisory Services (MSAA)

The Master of Science in Audit and Advisory Services (MSAA) provides students with advanced auditing skills and prepares them to succeed as accountants at both public accounting firms and corporate internal audit departments. Students receive hands-on training with audit and internal audit tools, visualization techniques and data analytics. The program also uses forensic accounting to prepare students to understand what questions to ask about financial data and how to interpret the findings. Students graduate with a set of integrated competencies that are highly valued by the accounting profession.

The program is intended for students with a prior degree in accounting. It offers a unique opportunity to earn a graduate degree while also fulfilling the extra credit hours needed to quality for the CPA exam.​ 


Comprehensive curriculum. The program’s integrated curriculum focuses on areas that are in high demand across all accounting profession sectors, including internal audit, data analytics, fraud and forensic accounting and information systems.

Knowledgeable faculty, extensive alumni network.The program’s faculty include nationally and internationally known scholars,  professors and practitioners, and its alumni form one of the largest accounting networks in Chicago.

Case-based coursework. Students gain advanced, practical skills for workplace application by learning in a case-based setting and working with audit systems used by accounting professionals.

Professional inputThe program’s core competencies are based on insights from top-ranking members of the auditing and accounting profession. Students are prepared with skills that are highly regarded by firms and corporations.

Recognized as a top school. DePaul’s accounting program is recognized by the Institute of Internal Auditors Internal Auditing Education Partnership Program as a comprehensive-level school for internal audit education—making  it one of only 15 schools in the United States recognized with this distinction.  

Career Outlook

MSAA graduates have gone on to work for, or earn promotions in, large, medium and small accounting firms; corporate accounting firms; consulting firms; non-profit organizations; and government offices.


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