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Combined Degree Program

Application Steps

Review the program information below, including the following policies and FAQs.

Admission requires junior standing, overall GPA 3.2, and accounting GPA 3.0.

  • Begin at Create a new account.
  • Education: Add DePaul University only (no prior schools).
  • Program Selection: Audit and Advisory Services – Combined Degree.
  • Entry Term: Select the term you plan to begin the master's degree (after your bachelor's).
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The application will be reviewed by the graduate office and you will be contacted by an admission recruiter with next steps.

For program questions, please contact Anthony Cuellar, Assistant Director of Recruitment, at

​Accountancy (BSB)/Audit and Advisory Services (MSAA)

The Combined BSB/MSAA ​Program allows accountancy majors to complete a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Science in Audit and Advisory Services (MSAA) degree in five years. 

The MSAA prepares students to succeed as accountants by gaining advanced training in audit. The skills taught in the MSAA apply to both public accounting firms and corporate internal audit departments. Students are trained using hands-on experience with audit and internal audit tools, visualization techniques, and data analytics. The program also uses forensic accounting to prepare students to understand what questions to ask of financial data and how to interpret the findings. Students graduate with a set of integrated competencies that are highly valued by the accounting profession.

Admission Requirements

Current DePaul accountancy majors who meet the following criteria may apply to this program:

  • Junior standing or higher (at least 88.0 credits)
  • A minimum cumulative DePaul grade point average of 3.200
  • A minimum Accountancy (ACC) grade point average of 3.000

Admission to the program does not require the GMAT, essays, or letters of recommendation. Students should apply for program admission while enrolled in ACC 305, 372, or 380.

Classes During Senior Year

In this program, students will take three graduate classes during their senior year. These three classes will count toward the bachelor’s degree as indicated below.

These courses are offered every quarter except summer and may be taken at any time providing prerequisites have been met. ​

Final Quarter of Senior Year

During the final quarter of senior year, students must petition for formal admission to the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. Students must apply for undergraduate degree conferral prior to submitting the petition for graduate admission.

The graduate admission criteria are as follows: 

  • Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Accountancy
  • A minimum cumulative DePaul grade point average of 3.200
  • A minimum Accountancy (ACC) grade point average of 3.000

Students take nine additional graduate classes to complete the graduate degree, for a total of twelve graduate classes. Visit the course catalog for the MSAA degree requirements​.​

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Graduate Year

In the fifth and final year of the program, students take nine additional graduate classes to complete the MSAA degree, for a total of 12 graduate classes.

Note: Students do not need to continue into the final year immediately. Students may take a few quarters time off between the BSB and MSAA.


The three graduate classes taken while earning a bachelor's degree are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate. The nine graduate classes taken after the bachelor's degree are billed at the graduate tuition rate. For current tuition rates, please visit Student Accounts.

DePaul alumni receive a Double Demon Scholarship, which covers 25 percent of the tuition for a graduate degree. The scholarship becomes effective when officially admitted to the graduate program.​