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Double Demon Scholarship Saves Tuition Dollars

Miriam Dybczak is back at DePaul University, her alma mater, pursuing a Master of Science in Management, thanks to a valuable benefit offered by DePaul to its alumni — the Double Demon Scholarship.

DePaul Center

Dybczak decided to return to DePaul less than a year after earning her bachelor's degree in public relations and advertising to take advantage of the savings that this scholarship offers to alumni who choose to pursue graduate studies at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business or eight other DePaul colleges and schools.

Open to alumni with undergraduate or graduate degrees, the Double Demon Scholarship covers 25 percent of the tuition for a master's degree or select certificate programs. No separate application for the scholarship is necessary — all DePaul alumni who are admitted qualify automatically.

That makes this scholarship ideal for alumni looking to earn a degree or to take additional classes to enhance their credentials.

How Alumni Can Obtain the Double Demon Scholarship

Alumni from any of DePaul's colleges and schools who are admitted into a graduate program at Kellstadt automatically qualify for the Double Demon Scholarship. Learn more​.

"In addition to offering alumni a more economical way to obtain a graduate degree, the scholarship provides an opportunity for alumni to advance their skills," says Christa Hinton, assistant dean of Kellstadt. "The economic climate continues to change and people want to update their employability and skill sets. The Double Demon Scholarship is a path for people to come back and brush up on their knowledge base."

Having recently received her undergraduate degree, school was still fresh on Dybczak's mind and she knew she wanted to continue her education. Dybczak applied only to Kellstadt. She is among more than 500 alumni who have received Double Demon scholarships to attend Kellstadt since the scholarship program began in fall 2013.

"The Double Demon Scholarship was definitely an incentive to come back to school," says Dybczak. "Aside from the benefits of getting an advanced degree from an established and respected school, it was a relief knowing that I wouldn’t have to take out any loans."

"We are a student-focused business school," says Hinton. "This is our way of giving back and telling our students and alumni how important they are to us."