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Management (MS)

In the Master of Science in Management program, you will develop the managerial skills necessary to advance as a leader in the private or public sector. You'll gain a thorough understanding of management theory and techniques, and learn how to apply them through hands-on learning experiences. Graduates of this program emerge with the interpersonal, analytical and strategic knowledge necessary to successfully manage and implement change in today's organizations.

This degree is designed for early career professionals from non-business backgrounds in liberal arts, engineering, mathematics, technology and other fields. Most MS degrees can be completed in four quarters of full-time study or eight quarters of part-time study. The MS in Management degree offers the added benefit of providing 24 credits toward an MBA should you decide to pursue one in the future.


In this program, you will acquire leadership skills, methods and tools to:

  • Manage projects, strategy, innovation and people effectively in a variety of organizational settings.
  • Think critically, analyze a wide range of information and initiate creative solutions to business challenges.
  • Use current sustainable management and ethical decision-making frameworks in your role as a manager.
  • Understand business fundamentals, including operations management, financial accounting and economic conditions analysis.
Students in the program have the opportunity to pursue focus areas such as project management, human resources, or marketing and sales.

Career Outlook

Corporate demand is growing for graduates with MS in Management degrees, according to national recruiter surveys conducted by The Graduate Management Admission Council. For individuals with non-business undergraduate degrees and modest professional experience, and/or career changers, an MS in Management provides a well-respected credential for pursuing entry- to mid-level management positions.​​​​

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