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DePaul University awards degrees at the end of each academic term. Students must notify the university and their college of their intent to graduate. This is done through the graduation application process and involves an audit of a student's academic record by an academic advisor to ensure they have completed all of the requirements necessary for their degree. If all requirements have been met,​ the degree is granted. Submit your application in Campus Connect > Advising, Planning & Graduation  > Apply for Graduation.

There is no fee required to submit this application. For more information on the graduation application process, please review the following FAQs:

  • Grades of C- or higher for all courses in your major and/or minor field. This includes any extra course you complete in that field.
  • Grades of C- or higher in WRD 103, WRD 104, Professional Writing (WRD 202, 204 or 206) and ICS 392.
  • A DePaul cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.000 or higher.
  • A GPA of 2.000 in your major/minor field.
  • A minimum of 192 quarter hours (while meeting degree requirements).
  • Last 60 quarter hours must be completed at DePaul.

Your graduation application can be submitted once you have completed your junior year and have earned a minimum of 132.0 quarter hours.

Your graduation application should be submitted when you are two or three quarters from finishing your last class. Here are the deadlines:

  • For fall quarter graduation, apply by Oct. 1.
  • For winter quarter graduation, apply by Jan. 15.
  • For spring quarter graduation, apply by Feb. 1.
  • For summer quarter graduation, apply by July 15.

You should meet with your academic advisor before applying for graduation to identify your outstanding degree requirements.


Once you have submitted your application, an initial audit of your record will be conducted to determine what requirements you still need to complete. You can expect to receive a copy of this audit via email. We will use the preferred email address you've entered into Campus Connect.

If you need to adjust your graduation term, you must edit your application in Campus Connect. If you return to the "apply to graduate" link and find that you are not able to edit or select a new anticipated final term, email as soon as possible.

Grades are required to be posted within five business days after the last day of final exams. If you have any incomplete (IN), missing (M) or continuing research (R) grades, or are expecting a grade change for any course(s), consult with the instructor(s) of the course(s) immediately.

Also, notify the Driehaus Undergraduate Programs Office graduation team at It is important to keep us informed about the status of any missing grades.

Students in the Driehaus College of Business who successfully meet all degree requirements will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) from DePaul University.

The graduation ceremony, also called commencement, is held each June. Students who intend to participate in the ceremony must have a graduation application on file for the current academic year and have reserved a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony.

Students must complete their requirements within the 2018-2019 academic year (autumn 2018, winter 2019, spring 2019, summer 2019) to be eligible to participate in the June 2019 Commencement ceremony.

If you have not reserved regalia for the graduation ceremony, you will not be allowed to participate in commencement. To reserve a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony (commencement), visit

Do you have a question that was not answered on this page? Email the Driehaus Undergraduate Programs Office graduation team at​, or call to make an appointment at (312) 362-5358, or stop by our office:

DePaul Center 
Suite 5200
1 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago

The advisors and staff of the Driehaus Undergraduate Programs Office wish you great success as you complete the final steps towards your degree!