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Partner with DePaul

The Driehaus College of Business is proud to have created and maintained active partnerships with a variety of groups, organizations, institutions and companies.

We have partnerships with a large number of companies. Corporations like to choose us because of our research capabilities, our diverse student body and the willingness of our professors to work with us on curriculum. Our partners have access to research on best practices and interact with students in a classroom setting. By having the ability to shape our curriculum, our partnering companies identify qualified students early and recruit directly from that qualified pool.

We have appreciated and always actively engage in our interactive relationships with the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, Chicago Trade Commissioner Association, a variety of international chambers of commerce in Chicago, and various consulates that enable our faculty and our students to stretch and expand their horizons, collaborating beyond the national boundaries through lectures, panel discussions, events and workshops.

Driehaus College of Business's various departments and their faculties believe in and support business relations to further support ties to the various business industries.

On a local level, we have close ties with a Chicago Public School that offers an International Baccalaureate Program, partnering with IB coordinators and teachers to help enrich these programs. DePaul has established an Admission Partnership Program with Community Colleges to help encourage and counsel students to transfer to DePaul.

On an International level, we have partnered up with the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) in Shanghai to provide an innovative, 12-week financial markets program to train executives and mid-level managers about financial markets, including derivatives trading, risk management and regulations. That program has strengthened ties between the State of Illinois and China and has helped heighten Chinese awareness of Illinois as a place to do business.

Universidad Ibero Americana from Mexico City has partnered with us. They visit Driehaus College of Business with 20-50 students twice a year, participating in a certificate program with components of lectures, business visits and cultural activities. It is a very sought after program for their students since it helps to broaden their spectrum and prepare for an international future.

There are many ways of collaborations possible. If you would like to partner up with us or simply like to engage in a conversation about connecting with us, please contact Zafar Iqbal, Director of International Business, for further information at (312) 362-7232.

Also see resources on the Global Engagement website. ​​​