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The Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance is led by a team of practitioners and academics who use their expertise and connections to foster new insights about the psychological aspects of investing.

The mission of the Richard H. Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance is to provide advanced education, outreach and research for the benefit of the center’s various stakeholders.  Areas of focus include education and outreach; research on issues related to behavioral science aspects of financial decision-making, behavioral economics, and behavioral finance; facilitating collaboration among agencies/stakeholders; and leadership and engagement by and between DePaul University and other academic institutions.

Behavioral decision-making studies the basic psychology of decision-making, while behavioral economics and behavioral finance study the role of irrational thinking in economic and financial decision-making, respectively. Top-notch research is always the foundation for a research center to generate reputation and have influence on academia, industry, as well as the regulatory community. A center’s contribution to teaching is also of paramount importance.

The center will offer advanced courses in behavioral science (in collaboration with other departments) at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. As a collaborative partner across DePaul’s various departments, the center will provide the broadest dissemination of its efforts and activities and allow for the greatest inter-departmental engagement. The center also will maintain and coordinate mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners that allow students to apply skills learned in the classroom to real world problems while earning academic credit and giving companies and agencies talented resources to deal with the behavioral aspect of decision-making.

The center will play a pivotal role in bridging academia and practice by conducting workshops on current topics and offering training programs for the benefit of the business community. Through its internship and cooperative programs, the center will also meet the needs of the industry and enhance the educational experience of the student body and its industry partners.

The vision for the next five to 10 years is to put the center on the list of elite institutions for behavioral science, an active subfield in financial economics.

  • Eli Boufis, CFA
    iVerify US Inc
  • Elizabeth Collins
    Global Head of Equity Research
    Morningstar Research Services LLC
  • Erik Davidson (DBA ’19), CFA
    Chief Investment Officer
    Wells Fargo
  • Thomas Digenan (MST ’91), CFA, CPA
    Head of U.S. Intrinsic Value Equities
    UBS Asset Management Inc.
  • Frank J. Haggerty Jr. (MBA ’02), CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co.
  • Sara Mongerson
    Managing Director of Investor Relations
    Smith Group Asset Management
  • Diane Mustain (BSC ’81, MBA ’85), CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Harris Associates, L.P.
  • Mike Pezzuto
    Wealth Planner
    William Blair
  • Joseph Silich (BSC ’92)
    Managing Director
    Morgan Stanley
  • Michael Valentinas (BSC ’00), CPA
    Portfolio Manager
    Advisory Research, Inc.
  • Jonathan Watson
    Director of Business Development
    TransMarket Group
  • Damian Wille
    Assistant Vice President, Equity Research

Hongjun Yan, Chair

A highly respected teacher and scholar specializing in behavioral finance, Hongjun Yan studies the psychological aspects of financial decision-making. His research focuses on asset pricing in the presence of frictions, including market imperfections and bounded rationality.
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Sonya Lim, Professor

Sonya Lim's research interests include behavioral finance, investments, household finance and analyst forecasts. Her research has been published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, Management Science, the Journal of Business and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies.
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Vahap Uysal, Professor

Vahap Uysal is the receipient of several research and teaching awards. His research interests include capital structure, mergers and acquisitions, corporate social responsibility and payout policy.
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