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Business and Professional Ethics Journal


The Business and Professional Ethics Journal is a peer-reviewed forum for interdisciplinary research that explores the systemic causes of ethical challenges in business and professional life. The Journal provides an outlet for papers that make significant contributions to the development of alternative theories and practices within business and professional ethics, and that examine why global ethical issues, such as poverty alleviation and sustainability, emerge and persist.

To encourage research into the interaction between individuals, organizations and the socio-political and economic realities of which they are a part, the editors welcome submissions from many disciplines, including management and organization studies, philosophy, political economics, social psychology, sociology, religious studies, history and anthropology. As the BPEJ strives to broaden the scope of philosophical analysis within business and professional ethics scholarship, it specifically seeks papers that explore the implications of continental philosophy for organizational life, while also pursuing original research from the perspective of Anglo-American philosophy. From an empirical perspective, the Journal invites scholarship informed by ethnography and other qualitative research methodologies. It also welcomes submissions that explore practical implications of the interface(s) between business ethics and professional ethics.

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